Saturday, August 11, 2012

Orange patchwork

I feel great! The temperature finally dropped,  we can breathe again!. A big part of the garden has shade this early in the morning, so I can get out and do some weeding and pruning, which is really necessary. Weeds love water and heat, they really bloom!
Yesterday evening, like nearly every evening,  I swept the path next to the house where the Campsis stands in full bloom.

It has become enormous and looks great when you walk alongside the house. You have to be a bit careful though, because it attracts a lot of wasps. Also ants love the plant. The only problem with the Campsis is that it is a very messy plant. Every day the path is covered with fallen flowers. A lot of work because the plant blooms from spring till the end of fall. It would have been better if I had planted it somewhere in the back of the garden, where the flowers can just drop and the wasps are not that close.

I love the colour combination of orange and purple. The garden is like a big green patchwork quilt. It gives you a nice example of colours blending with each other. Combinations which you might consider strange seem natural.

A little while ago I made this bag with orange flowers. Maybe it's a nice idea to make another one with  some deep purple added to the orange and beige.

But first I have to finish the cushions I'm making for my friend's garden chairs. And then, I have still to finish two quilts. I made a green one. The front and back are ready, but not stuck together yet. I am also making a red one for a customer. I finished the patchwork and now I have to put the border around it.
So, still some projects to go!

In the meantime I made a few mug rugs last week. I saw them on other people's blogs and liked them. As  two friends of mine have their birthdays in August, I bought some nice cups and made the rugs. Lovely presents! The pictures are still on my camera, so I'll show them another time.


  1. Wat een leuk blog heb je! Fijne zondag nog. Groetjes Carolien

  2. Wat een prachtige plant is dat.Ook een mooie kleur oranje.
    Dat bloemen oprapen heb ik met de hanggeranium, ik moet elke dag vegen.
    Die tas is echt een plaatje!
    En fijn dat het een beetje afkoelt bij jullie, dat leeft weer wat aangenamer.
    Fijne dag nog verder!

    Lieve groet,

  3. Ants seem to love Campsis very much.
    However, its lovely bright orange flowers are a joy to see, in other people's gardens, all summer.

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