Friday, August 17, 2012

Another mug rug

Yesterday I decided to make a mug rug for my own coffee cup. Just a small one to use next to the sewing machine and laptop. I can also put my bottle of water on it when I take it out of the fridge and it leaves a circle of water on my desk.

I also want to show the little seed packet I made. Well, Country Living Magazine has the idea and you can download the template, which I did. I used normal printing paper for the try-out, which, as you can see, went well. I bought some thicker, coloured paper and printed that and that really looks nice. Now I have to cut the paper and glue the sides. And....of course collect seeds! That won't be a problem. I haven't managed to cut the dead flower heads of lots of plants, so seeds enough. Like the mug rugs these are also nice little presents.

The back of the mug rug.


  1. Het mokkleedje is heel leuk, ook in de kleur samen met je mok.
    En het zadenzakje is ook heel leuk idee.

    Lieve groet,

  2. Wat een leuke onderzetter! Een mug rug dus,... weer wat geleerd, haha!

  3. Deze is helemaal super... en je hebt er echt een prachtige foto van gemaakt. Je kunt hem aan twee kanten gebruiken... Groeten..