Thursday, November 17, 2011

Autumn in the garden

We are having lovely autumn weather in Sparta. Lots of sun, nice temperatures and no rain. That it doesn't rain isn't exactly good, because we need the rain. Especially the olive trees are desperate for water. The mandarines in my garden are ready to eat, but I realized that some of them weren't as juicy as other years. So, I immediately started watering the tree.
I cut down the hedge, which I have between the flower- and vegetabele garden, till 50 cm. It had become too thick and high. Now the hedge looks rather bare, because there are hardly any leaves on it. But, when spring comes, I'm sure it will look fresh and green again. Now I can overlook the whole garden, which I like, for a change.
Here some pictures, which I made a few days ago.

The Lagerstroemia gets beautiful red leaves

I love the Abutulon because it's so airy

The birds love to eat the berries, and they look lovely in a vase.