Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Autumn walk in Tripi, close to Sparta

One of my Dutch friends had her birthday and invited a couple of Dutch "ladies" for coffee and lunch and ...a surprise. We were all very eager to find out what the surprise was. She took us just 5 minutes with the car to a lovely spot. We drove down into a mountain gorge, parked our cars along the stream and went walking.

This is me, with my backpack!

The night before there had been a lot of rain and early in the morning it was still very cloudy. On our way to the gorge, the sun peeked every now and then through the clouds.

Here it is still cloudy, a very moist atmosphere, with the sun trying to break through.

And there came the sun!

A little pool was formed with extremely clear water. You could swim in there. The water would be freezing though. When my husband was a teenager they went there to swim.

In the winter, a waterfall is coming down here. After 3 months of no rain and 45 degrees Celsius I am surprised that that there is still water!

. This was a real surprise. Such a beautiful spot.

We had a nice walk and after that we were of course hungry and went back to my friends place for lunch.
What a nice day!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Green quilt

I finished this quilt some time ago, but making a picture of it was an issue. Till I thought that I could hang it over the balcony. I can only make a photo on the street on a Sunday morning, because all the other days there are cars parked on both sides of the street. But on a Sunday the street is empty.

If you look good at the picture you can see my cat, Flopsy, sitting underneath. He always wants to know what is going on!

Looking left and right to see if there is any danger! He is frightened the big male black cat is coming to attack him again. Flopsy in neutered and the black cat isn't and tries to chase every cat that isn't female out of his area. Poor Flopsy might be big and fat, but is no match for this Cat King of the area. The women like Flopsy, though, and rub themselves all against him. So maybe the black cat gets really jealous and that's why he is attacking all the time!

So, this is the quilt I made a month ago, with all colours of green and a soft pink striped border around the patchwork.

I also finished the front of a red quilt for some time now. Have to start the back, but I did some other projects in between. I made some back packs and baby totes. I will post this ones one of these days.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Pink baby bag

The weather is still hot, but compared with the extreme heat in July and August it feels lovely. Two weeks ago I worked every day for hours in the garden. Pulling weeds, digging and pruning. The vegetable garden is now ready for planting winter veggies. The flower garden looks nice.
This week I went into my normal routine of going to the gym and sewing. I made a few baby bags. The first one is this pink bag.

The elephants I ordered from the States, together with some more lovely fabrics with patterns for children. The pink materials are from Greece.

This is the back. The flower material I got from Jo-Anne. I love to go shopping there when I am in America. It's so easy shopping there. In Greece there is very little cotton fabric available, so I have  to really search, which became kind of a sport!

This weekend I'm going off to Stoupa which lies near Kalamata. Jennifer Gay, who writes garden articles in Athens News and who is a member of the Mediterranean Garden Society will give a talk over gardens she designed together with her partner Piers.