Sunday, August 31, 2014

Garden and cats

Due to the recent heat wave we had, with temperatures over 40 degrees Celcius, my poor garden is suffering! Leaves turn brown, although I water every day, and buds dry on the plants before they get the chance to open, especially the ones from the pink Mignon-dahlia.

I am not going to show you the dried-up buds, but this was the plant three weeks ago. 
Some plants aren't bothered at all by the heat, like the Solanum, who hardly has any soil, but became enormous. Started off in a plastic pot. I laid some bricks around it in a corner of the house and just watered. The roots must have gone through the pot, and use the dust that gathers in this corner as soil too!!!

Opposite of above Solanum blooms the Campsis radicans. This is a very abundant shrub/climer. The orange flowers are beautiful, but.... be careful, it attracts a lot of wasps and ants. I have been stung already twice! But then I rub the spot with some broken ivy leaves and the pain subdues quickly. Lovely to have a garden and be able to use the plants, to eat, to use as medicine and just smell and enjoy the shapes and colours. 

Of course not only the wasps, beetles, snails, grasshoppers,  and mosquitoes like my garden, but also the garden cats. These are the cats that my neighbour and I feed, but they aren't coming in the house, like these two enjoying an afternoon nap.

The one who owns the house is Flopsy, a neutered male. He is a bit frightened of the female garden cats, because they can become vicious when they have kittens! So he prefers to find hiding places in the garden. As he is "well-nourished" he is not so quick any more! But he is very sweet.

We just had a nice thunderstorm. Love it at the end of August, after all this heat! The garden feel great too, it needed desperate a downpour. And the jasmine smells wonderful after the rain.

As the heavens provided the water, I had an hour free to write!! Now it's time to feed the hungry!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Beach and Caretta-caretta

It is going to be hot again today and the next few days, 36 degrees Celcius with no wind, so a  bit suffocating. Thank God for technology! We can put on the airco upstairs and in the basement, where I kind of live, (with my sewing machine, fabrics magazines, books etc.etc.) it is cool, especially with the fan on. Excellent weather for the beach! 

Reading at Petalea Beach, in Mavrovouni, near Gytheion. The sticks in front mark turtle eggs. The big Caretta Caretta leaves its eggs all over this beach, as on many other beaches in Greece. The little ones come out at full moon and wobble to the sea. There are lots of volunteer turtle watchers. First to put protection around the eggs and, when the babies have to find their way to the water, there shouldn't be other light sources to distract them. The volunteers look into that too. 

Of course I am going to the beach with one of my patchwork beach bags.

I am planning to go more often to the beach this year. Last year I didn't go at all! And it is so relaxing! The second time I went I took this bag with me, together with the Boutari pareo. I love this one, because it has a real Greek island scene and because blue is my sea colour!

My daughter Alexandra choose the bag I just finished last week. She loves the colour and the pattern.

Two post ago I showed you the cushion one of my students was working on. Well, she finished it and this is the result. Good work Eleni!

Time for me to get back to work. Have a few I-phone covers to make and started a garden quilt. That will keep me busy for quite a while!

Monday, August 4, 2014

tablet covers in all sizes and colours

When I got the idea to make tablet covers, I imagined that there would be different sizes, but that there are so many ....nothing a bit standarized! So I made some samples in different sizes.
They all have a pocket to put the earphones and I also made a little pouch for the battery, that you can hang on the button. The covers are padded and very soft.

Nice little presents for my friends, who, one after the other, are buying a tablet.