Saturday, January 23, 2016


Now, what am I going to do today?? 

There are a lot of choices. Wherever I walk in my house I see things that have to be done and things that I would like to do. It's Sunday, so that's a good excuse to do something I like to do! Keep the chores for weekdays. 

On the design wall in one of the bedrooms I see some of the houses from the QAL from last year. The time has come to make a quilt with these blocks.

 When the QAL started I had no idea what do with a house quilt. I was thinking more of breaking them up and make wall hangings. But... something very nice happened. My eldest daughter got pregnant. As I was fixated on the wall hangings I could see one of them in a child's room. Till it hit me yesterday that a house quilt would also be very nice for a grandchild's bed.
Well, I have lots of time to start and finish this project.

In my enthusiasm I immediately started knitting a cotton baby blanket. Because I was watching movies while knitting, I made mistakes and had to unpick the whole 15 cm. So yesterday I started again and managed to knit to border.

As I am very excited about the FAL I'm participating in I did a lot of work on this quilt. I had to stop because the thread I am quilting with finished and the shop, which usually has all the colours, had a big variety, except "my" colour! Now I have to wait a week, till the thread comes. 


 I had kind of planned to work on the above this weekend, so now I have to look into my other unfinished projects. There is a pullover I am knitting for three years now!!!! I could leave the baby blanket (time enough till summer) and finish my my pullover. It would be nice to be able to wear it in this cold weather we are having at the moment.  I still have to finish a bag I am making for my daughter in America, but, because she will be coming over with Easter (1st of May) it's also not a very urgent project. 
With all these non-urgent choices I am lost!! May I continue the pullover. I know I will be thrilled when I can finally wear it. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hot pad, bags and FAL

I really like Jessica Alexandrakis book QUILTING ON THE GO. I followed her advice and made myself a travel kit. It contains carton hexagons, pieces of fabric, paperclips, needle, thread and scissors. I take it with me when I visit my daughter in Athens and even took it to Holland in the summer. Didn't do much in Holland, though! Too may distractions, I preferred to chat with my friends and it seems that I couldn't do the hexies and the chatting at the same time. .... I need to practice!!

Some time ago on Pinterest (looooove  Pinterest!) I saw a hot pad for a pyrex casserole. The Greek kitchen has lots of oven baked foods, so I decided to make one for  myself. I used some of the hexies and the pad turned out great!!

I like making bags and want to find some new patterns, different from the type I am making. Last summer I made this beach bag, but now I am thinking smaller. 

My try-out bag didn't turn out very practical. (Maybe I should use a proper pattern one time, where they tell you exactly what to do, instead of just get an idea and go for it) Would save me a lot of time probably. 

 I love the piece of embroidery. Found it in the secondhand shop here in Sparta. Paid 0.50 euro for it! The lining is so thick, (because I wanted the bag to be stiff), that I couldn't sew the sides with the machine. Did it by hand! The shape of the bag is nice.  I just have to adjust the pattern.

And...... because of the FAL 2016 I am participating in, I started immediately to sew the remaining blocks of my Formal Dress quilt. I had 12 blocks from this quilt ready and now I finished them all. Hurray!
Tonight I start stitching them together. 

No time to loose.... going to leave you.... have some homemade soup and start again !!!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

FAL 2016 - Finish Along

I have decided !!

I am going to participate in the FAL with Mrs Sew and Sow as a host. There are some projects laying around for over a year and some I started a few months ago. So....for the first quarter I choose.

  1. The quilt my friend and sister-in-law in Australia started. She made all the blocks (by hand !!). Then she got a problem with her eyes and now isn't allowed to do any sewing. So she sent the blocks to me, two years ago, oh,oh! I managed to sew the blocks together (with the machine), but I still have to find fabric for a border and do all the rest of the work!
  2. My second project is a bag. My daughter made this lovely embroidery, which she sent me about a year ago, to use to embellish a bag she wanted. Till we agreed and found the fabric and pattern to use some time passed. It's not so simple because she lives in the States. The bag is nearly finished, just needs the handles, but the ones she sent were too heavy, so now we need another solution. I really have to get this bag finished !!!  
  3.  The same sister-in-law sent me the pattern and fabric for the FORMAL DRESS quilt. I made 12 blocks until now. Still quite some to go.
  4.  The last one for this quarter. I knitted a pullover three years go. It was bit tight on me, something that I hate! I started to knit patchwork jacquard pieces to change the pattern and make it wearable. That is to say I''ll try to make it wearable!
    There are more unfinished project but they'll have to wait for the next quarter

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Big plans

Like every year I have great plans for this one! There are a lot of unfinished projects in my craft room, and it is time to do something about it. I am thinking of joining a FAL (Finish Along) group. That might motivate me and push me a bit, because I need to pushed !!!!
Last year I participated in a Quilt Along from the Hellenic Quilter Guild. We made 3 house blocks a month. The time to start making the house quilt has come, but I am not ready yet!!
As I am allowed now to show the blocks I made for others I'll start with that. 

A few winter ones. These ones are appliqued and quilted by hand

And like a good Dutch girl, the skating scene couldn't be left out 

I wish you all a very happy and creative 2016