Sunday, July 28, 2013

Want to go on a picnic?

Hot time, summer in the city.....  Well, Sparta is a city,  a tiny one,  with about 20.000 inhabitants! And it is hot, for sure!!!   So, especially on a Sunday lots of people leave town, and go to the beach, or to the mountains. Of course you take your lovely patchwork beach bag with you to the sea.

This one is for a friend of mine who lives very close to the sea, in Marathea, near Gytheion, where there are lovely beaches. Some very quiet, and a few a bit more cultivated.

You can also choose for the mountains. Take your backpack and go to Anavriti, for instance. This is a lovely village, close to Sparta, high up in the Tayegetos Mountain Range. 

I've been there quite often,with friends, and with  members of the Mediterranean Garden Society, who organize lovely excursions in this area. Nature is beautiful over there and you can make excellent walks.

The mountains are very impressive, rather rough. In an area very close to this picture we found a meadow of wild red tulips. I must have somewhere more pictures of the mountains, but it seems that they are living a life of their own on the computer, because I can't find them.  So, I'll show them another time!! Sorry.

And as I mentioned a picnic, we fill our beach bag and backpack with healthy  sandwiches, nuts, fruit and something to drink. We'll take a plastic cup and a mug rug to go with it.

E N J O Y   Y O U R   S U M M E R  W H E R E V E R  Y O U  A R E 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer in Greece

The weather has been lovely the last two weeks. Not too hot, a cool breeze, beautiful weather to go to the beach. Not that I went, because, unfortunately, Sparta doesn't lie on the sea. As a matter fact it is situated in a valley between two mountain ranges and it can become very hot. The sea isn't that far away, but still it takes you three quarters of an hour to get there.

I have a very fair and sensitive skin, so I can't really stay in the sun too long. I become like a lobster,even with all the creams I put on! I am too old now to sit under the umbrella with only 1sq meter of space!
I like to go if I could stay for a few days. Have a swim early in the morning and late afternoon and stay in a nice cool house during the other hours. I might manage to go for a few days sometime this summer.

I have my outfit ready!

I love the beach at Skoutari. It is a tiny beach and it is still very authentic.

There are a lot of these  lovely  beaches in Greece, where you can really relax.

And....of course, I have nice bags to chose from for each visit to the beach or to Gytheion, the little town on the seaside , where you can have a nice meal or ouzo on the waterfront, shop in little boutiques and take the ferry to Crete. Or have a stroll in Aereopolis, where the last pictures are taken.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday morning in the garden

Drinking my coffee, early morning in the garden, I looked around me and felt so grateful for nature. The trees, the flowers, the birds and bees (mostly wasps, though!) and the cats.

I went to check on the vegetable garden and saw that the artichokes had flowered. The idea is, that I cut them before they flower and cook them, but this year they started very late to grow and now it is too hot. They become too hard and are not good for cooking.

I love the flowers, though! As I can't see the vegetable garden from the house, I cut the flowers and put them in vase together with a cutting from the neighbours bush. I don't know the name of the shrub but it looks like a Buddleja. 

The cats are always funny. There are quite a few in the garden. My lovely neighbour, Kiria Katina (96) and me feed some stray cats, so they became "ours" and they stay in an around our gardens. They have ruined a few flowers because they just love to sit in the pots!

I really enjoyed my morning coffee. I should have it more often in the garden instead of in front of the computer!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy sewing away!

The school summer holidays have started in Greece and life changed! All courses, get-to-gathers, are finished and will start again somewhere around the end of September/beginning of October. The good thing is that in Sparta we have a big open air  theater, like the one in Epidaurus. Only ours is a new and not an ancient one. But it is real enjoyable.
It is outside of Sparta on a hill and in the evening you see the lights of the villages located on the opposite mountain. During the summer months there are theater performances and concerts. Most of the times there is a nice breeze, so soothing after a hot day!
But how did I get to this?? I should write a post about the theater another day and find some pictures!

I was just thinking how life changes in the summer, which means, in Greece, that you stay inside during the day and go out early morning and/or evening.
So, time to sew during the day! That's what I wanted to say!

I started to make some bags again. This one I finished yesterday.

I like to make my pictures in the garden because I can walk around and try to find a spot where the light is ok

And hanging on the wall

The cats in the garden thought that it was too hot to anything. Must have thought I was crazy, going out in this heat. They just continued their siesta!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Winner of the Give Away and Quilt Mystery Book

Yesterday I wrote all the names of the participants of the Give Away and Circulation of the book "The Devil's Puzzle" on a piece of paper and put it in a cup.

And,  the name I pulled out was Laura B!    Congratulations Laura!   If you send me an e-mail with your address I can send packet to you.

I enjoyed reading the book. It is A Someday Quilts Mystery written by Clare O'Donohue.

I was making a patchwork bag yesterday and put the cup with the names on top of the fabric. Later on I finished the bag and just now made a picture of it, which I will show another time because it is still only on the camera.

But there are some finished cellphone covers to show. Made last week I put them on a small garden table for the picture.

And now, back to work! I am working on another summer bag.