Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bag Making Workshop - the finished bags

The girls who attended the Patchwork and Quilting Workshop, liked the bags I make, and wanted also to learn how to sew a bag. So we decided to continue the lessons.

Now, I thought to start with an easy pattern, just square, a tote bag, but when we started it turned out that they all had their own ideas about the pattern they wanted to make!

Barbara, here on the left wanted a backpack, Pitsa, on the other hand, decided on a bag to take with her on her travels. I'll show Barbara's bag later, because she didn't finish it yet. But here comes the one Pitsa made.

Giota wanted to make a round jean bag. She did most of the sewing at home, because I always have problems with my sewing machines when sewing jeans. Needles break continuously and last time the whole machine got stuck and I had to take it for repairs. But Giota did a good job and here is the result.

The last lesson, she only came to show her lovely bag and, to keep us company and watch the others still working! Very relaxed....job done!

Anneli made a backpack, shown by her lovely daughter.

During the lessons, my living room undergoes a transformation!! The coffee tables go and the garden table and chairs come inside. Above Barbara and Pitsa work on the garden table and below is my "dining table".

Maria also made a backpack, (shown here by Potoula). Maria just became a grandmother and loves to have her hands free when taking the baby out for a walk. 

Lia made this pink backpack for her youngest daughter. She proudly shows her mum's project.

And the last two bags are made by Potoula and Katerina. They decided on the same fabric. Potoula's bag has a bottom pocket over the whole width of the bag. Katerina sewed a solid brown outside pocket, but took it off because in the end she didn't like it. This is Potoula's bag.

Katerina with her bag. 

I must say that it was a lovely experience! We had fun and the girls made beautiful bags. I close with the one for Dimitra. She started but couldn't continue because she moved back to Thessaloniki, her home town.   So I finished it for her. Every time she goes to the beach, she will remember her sewing experience!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


QUILTERS OF GREECE UNITED  ξεκίνησε ένα EVENT στο Facebook. Θα φτιάξουνε παιδικά quilts για το Ορφανοτροφείο του Χαμόγελο του Παιδιού.

Όπως ξέρουμε όλοι Το Χαμόγελο κάνει εξερετικές δουλειές για τα παίδακια μας. Θέλω να παρακαλέσω όσοι μπορούνε να φτιάξουνε patchwork να συμμετέχετε. Δεν χρειάζετε να φτιάξετε ολόκληρο quilt, μόνο το πάνω κομμάτι. Το στέλνετε στο Quilt Studio της  Kristine's, και εκεί θα τελειώσουνε όλα τα παπλωματακια. Η διαστάσεις να είναι περιπού 110 χ 140 εκ. και να είναι στη Κριστιν πριν  31 Ιουλίου.

Βρείτε τη σελίδα του QUILTERS OF GREECE UNITED  στο FACEBOOK  για όλες τις πληροφορίες.

Η διευθηνση είναι  Kristine Durbin May Pappas
                               Κ. Παλαμά 15
                               54630 Θεσσαλονίκη

QUILTERS OF GREECE UNITED started an event on Facebook. They will make quilts for the orphanage of the SMILE OF A CHILD.  This organization does incredible good work for sick children, lots of them cancer patients. It is started by a little boy who died from cancer. Due to the financial situation in Greece this organization(as well as lot of other ones)  isn't subsidized any more by the government. The Greeks do everything in their power to keep this organization alive. (concerts, exhibitions) In lots of supermarkets there is a money box for the SMILE OF A CHILD, and people give!!

Everyone who would like to help the orphanage and children's hospital could donate the top of a quilt. In Thessaloniki the quilts will be put together on a longarm quilting machine by Kristine and her girls. The size of the quilt should be about 110 x 140 cm (42" x 54") and be in Kristine's Quilt Studio by 31st of July.

The address is:  Kristine Durbin May Pappas
                         K. Palama 15
                        54630 Thessaloniki


Saturday, June 15, 2013

New table runners

I am making a few summery table runners. I finished two and am sewing the binding on the third one.  I love the stylish flower print, which I bought in Amsterdam. I went to the fabric market in the Jordaan. Tonight I might finish the third runner while watching a movie.

My next project will be a few baby quilts for a pram or stroller. In Greece we live outside in the summer months, that is to say, in the evenings. Children and a lot of grown-ups, who work in the morning and the afternoons have a nap after lunch. In the evenings  mothers go to parks with their children; families visit each other and friends. So, a little quilt is very practical to use when it gets a bit chilly late at night.
I better start working now!!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Give Away and Book Circulation

Quite some time ago I won the Give Away of some lovely Dutch fabrics together with the book The Devil's Puzzle. This is a quilt mystery written by Clare O'Donohue. The idea is, to send to book on to the next quilter, who would like to read it. I got it from Stefanie (
I didn't have much time to read, but in the end I did. Then it took me some time to decide on the fabric, make a picture, but .....finally I managed!

I selected three vintage Greek fabrics, which I bought in an old shop in Kalamata. Here are some pictures of the shop.

I buy a lot of material in this shop. This is all very old stock. Most of the fabrics have a width of 80-90 cm!

So, whoever would like to read the book, send it on, and get these fabrics, should leave a  comment and then they will take part in the lottery. The winner will be announced on the 30th of June. Until that date you can participate. 

In the meantime, I finished this table runner. This one is completely made of fabrics I bought from old stock in Greece.

In the garden

And a detail 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

just finished purple patchwork bag

I just want to show you this new purple patchwork bag.

Because I am teaching "Patchwork and Quilting" and "Bag Making" lessons at the moment I don't have much time to write on this blog, nor do I have much time to sew new projects.
This bag, though, I made for a friend who had her Name Day about a month ago!
The present is a bit late, but I am sure she will like it, because she choose the fabrics