Friday, December 30, 2016

Baby's Christmas Present

We had  lovely Christmas days. Daughter, husband and baby joined us for a few days. A house full ! Laughter and crying (baby!), food and presents. Life turns around the 4-months old program. Luckily the weather was beautiful those days. Sunny and a little bit cold. So very nice to go for a coffee in the main square, where they had put up children's attractions which resulted in  lots of kids, parents, joy, music. A lovely atmosphere. 

We exchanged small presents, just for the fun of it. I made these baby blocks, which he can grope and tries to put in his mouth! Teething, you see!

I also wanted to make a little booklet, because I have such nice fabric with animals. Didn't manage to do it before Christmas. I'll have a go at it now.

I wish you all a very happy time and a very good and creative 2017 !!

Love and peace in this challenging times 


Friday, December 16, 2016

Houses, houses and more houses

Hurray! My house quilt is finally ready. The blocks are made by 33 Greek quilters, plus three I made myself to get to the 36 needed. The project was a 2015 QAL. It took me nearly a year to start assembling this quilt. Half of the houses were stuck on my designer wall for ages, but they didn't inspire me to do something with them. Until I started! When the first row was framed in white it started to look stunning. I hadn't expected that. So, then I couldn't stop sewing!!

The blocks were already quilted, so I just put an old sheet as backing. The quilt is going to hang on a wall, so the back doesn't really  matter. Because the quilting is done with so many different techniques, the whole top is very stiff and difficult to handle. Couldn't do the stitching in the ditch, to keep the pieces together, with my very basic sewing machine. So I did it by hand. Took me much longer than I expected because of the different fabrics. A "bloody" job!!
The quilt turned out beautiful. It is going to hang in the new workshop center I am, at this moment, realizing together with a friend. I will take pictures of the whole quilt when it is hanging in its final place. 

Inspired by all these houses I decided to make good luck charms for the new year, and yes.... it had to be a house!

First a made a bunch for my Dutch friends, with whom I celebrated "Sinterklaas",  Saint Nikolas, which is a big celebration in Holland.

A week later we had our monthly Quilting Bee meeting, so I made more houses for all my quilters and other friends, and I am still sewing!!

At the Quilting Bee meeting Maria also brought her house quilt to show it to us. The Bee is working on a EPP (English Paper Piecing) star quilt. The stars that are ready are pinned on my design wall. It is starting to look cute. I tried to make a picture from the whole room filled with colour!!!! It is not the best picture, but you get the idea.

We had beautiful sunny weather last week, but as from today there will be big changes. Temperatures will drop and rain and maybe even snow are expected.
More sewing time!!