Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kaffe Fassett, wall hangings, cushions

Last year a very good friend in Holland sent me Kaffe Fasset strips for my birthday. I was over the moon, because it is very difficult to get nice cotton fabrics in Greece. Besides, I love his colours and patterns. 
My daughter in America bought me his Autobiography as a Christmas present. This is really a beautiful and interesting book. Very inspiring!!! So at this moment I am all in the Fassett mood!

It took me some time to decide what I was going to do with the fabric. I wanted to make a wall hanging for above my couch in the living room and thought that the colours would be great for this purpose.
Now, I am not entirely satisfied with this. I didn't quilt the pieces and they are a tiny bit sagging. Also I need something a bit bigger there. I live in an old stone house, where the ceilings are very high. So, I got an idea!!
I wil make another greenish piece from fabrics in my stock, which will be as long as the two panels, but very short. This piece will go under the two panels. I am going to quilt a flower on each panel and on the green piece I will quilt lines, suggesting grass.

Because I had a lot of fabric, I also made two cushions. This ones I quilted in the ditch.

Last week we had some beautiful sunny and hot days, even with a midday temperature of 26 degrees Celsius. What is nicer than to sit in the garden, doing the quilting on the first days of spring?? Am I not a lucky girl!!!

The little pink flowers in the background are called Τσιντονιά in Greek. They belong to the Chaenomeles family. This shrub is very common in my area. And the flowers are lovely. 

Yes.... spring is coming!!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Quilted patchwork bag

I would like to have more winter material in my stash. It isn't easy to find bright colours and the mixing and matching is much easier with cotton fabrics! 

 I usually start with two or three patterns, that I like together. But then... at a certain moment I get stuck! Not enough fabric, not the right fabric! 

To get the greenish fabric blend in more, I quilted it with a dark brown and light blue thread. All the seams are quilted with brown. It was a lot of work but I liked quilting the pattern. 

This bag is thicker than the other ones I made, because it is padded. In my other bags I use a cotton interlining. I think, though, that I like the "slimmer" ones more. 

And also on this one the granny square from my friend. I finished another mauve one, but will show it next time. Pictures are still on the camera.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


It is rainy, cold, damp! Winter in Sparta! The weeds in the garden love all this rain! Usually, after a few days the sun comes through and temperatures get higher. The ultimate climate for weeds to thrive!!! 

I have a job to do!!! With the rain the soil is soft, so that helps. I might search for a soup recipe with nettles. They are supposed to be very healthy and I have an enormous supply.
The rain keeps me inside, enough time to do some sewing. I finished the bag for my cousin.

She wanted a purple one. It is made of wool and upholstery fabrics. 

A very good friend of mine died two years ago of cancer. She left me a whole bag of granny squares. It is not enough to make a blanket and the colours don't match. She would just use every thread that was left over to make granny squares, nothing going to waste.  I am using them now to decorate my bags. It reminds me of her and I love it that I can use the squares.