Friday, September 21, 2012

Quilting Exhibition

I just want to share some pictures from the Quilting Exhibition which was held in Thessaloniki last week.

There were three categories: general quilts, quilt with a Greek theme and 10 quilts which are designed by women  who where victims of sex trafficking.

The cord of the telephone is cut. No way to communicate and call for help. Only fear, panic and desperation.
The quilt with the white rabbit symbolizes an innocent woman in a beautiful world, full of life. But danger and death is always there.

A thorough look at the details. The twins seem very interested!

This is a very traditional quilt pattern

This is a very traditional pattern

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Quilting Seminar and Exhibition

I went to the first Quilting Seminar and Exhibition ever held in Greece. It was in Thessaloniki, which is quite far from Sparta (about 9 hours with the car), but it was worth the trip! I really enjoyed it. It lasted 3 days; the first two days were filled with workshops.

This is the workshop Reverse Needleturn Applique. As I was there as a volunteer translator I wasn't participating in the workshop, but I still managed to try my skills on a spare (and very difficult!) pattern.
The teachers of the workshops were American quilters. Three came from Texas and three from Ohio. Lovely ladies!

The kite is ready! Now she can try a more difficult pattern!

Another workshop was Needleturn Applique. Here the pattern lies on top of the material. With the Reverse Applique you have white fabric. You cut the pattern out and put a colourful fabric underneath

These examples were made by our teacher Cheryl.

I followed the workshops to which I was attached as a translator. Patricia was a Texan lady, teaching Dresden Blocks. We all made a lovely flower. That is to say, we started it and have to finish it at home. When mine is ready I'll show it to you! 

There were a lot of other workshops, which I would have liked to follow. Maybe next year.! 

Cheryl showing Matoula the right stich!

So far about the workshops. Tomorrow I will post pictures of the Exhibition and the Longarm Quilting

Saturday, September 8, 2012

patchwork backpack

For quite some time I am thinking of making backpacks. I want one for myself to go the gym and to take on my walks in the mountains, especially when I go with the members from the Mediterranean Garden Society. The  society has a lovely site.  They have members all over the world. It's all about gardening in a mediterranean climate, like in California, some areas in Australia and of course in Europe.
The first backpack I made didn't turn out right. It was too long and didn't fit properly on my back. The second one turned out much better.

When I will be making the third I'll change the straps a bit. They are in the right place, but I'll make the lower straps shorter and the upper longer, because now the clasps are under my armpits. It's not uncomfortable but it would be better if the clasps are a bit more backwards. Every time you make something you learn something!

The water bottle I am taking everywhere fits nicely in the outside pocket. Inside there are pockets for cellphone and keys and a bigger pocket.

I still didn't make pictures of the quilt I finished, nor of the blue baby quilt. I'm rather busy! Have to make two baby bags. So, off to work!