Thursday, January 31, 2013


During the quilt exhibition last October in the Library quite some women asked me whether I could teach them how to make quilts. They were very eager to learn. And.....yesterday I started my first lessons! A morning and an afternoon group.
I thought it would be nice for them to start with a mini-quilt to hang on the wall.

The block in the middle has an applique; a very simple basket with flowers, only two pieces. On the corners some triangles.

I choose spring colours to make the quilts. I did cut fabric to make 10 kits. The fabric is not in the right size, because the "students" have, of course, to learn how to cut.

It was fun having these women over. They started making the applique and the ones who didn't finish have some homework to do!!!!

I got them all a nice bag to put their kits in and can't wait till next Wednesday to continue!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

projects for rainy days

It was raining for days!! Weather to stay inside and work on some projects. As I am going to teach patchwork and quilting to some people, I made a mini-quilt, all by hand!!! I usually do everything with the sewing machine, except for the quilting. It took quite some time! I'll still have to make a picture which I will post the next time. The students are going to make the same quilt, so now I have to select materials and make some kits for them to start.

Today the sun is shining and I noticed in the garden that the daffodils and other bulbs are peeping above the ground. Spring is coming!!!
That's why I am posting some colourful pictures, to clear my mind of the grey cloudy sky, and think of warmer, sunny times to come.
In this bag I put my pyjamas

Some time ago I made this bag for clothes-pegs. It's very practical because you can hang it around your neck.
Today I plan to make a winter bag. I bought the material already last year, but didn't find a pattern I like. I guess I have to make my own pattern; hope it turn out nice. And then, of course, it is time to start making some more summer bags, like this blue one.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Delayed Christmas post

The house always looks a bit empty after Christmas. I love the decorations and put lots of candles. I didn't have time to make pictures of all the Christmas things I made. I have a picture, though, of some of the cellphone covers I made. I think they are nice little presents.

Three year ago a made a Christmas bag for myself, one of the first ones I made. I use it every year now.

Most of the fabrics are from America, they have such a big choice in materials there. I love to shop in Jo-Anne's. It's a paradise for me, compared to Sparta. Two tiny shops that sell fabrics and hardly any cotton! I have to go to Athens to shop and even there it is difficult to find nice cotton.

This is the first of the 15 Christmas mug rug I made.

But now enough about Christmas, up to 2013.

I have lots of projects going on. I start giving workshops at the end of this month and am preparing them now. I am a bit behind schedule because I started the new year with a bad virus/flu.

                                        Now I am ready to go!!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Here I am again! I hope that you all had a  very nice time during the holidays. I had! My daughter who lives in Athens was home with her boyfriend and a friend of mine from Holland came to visit us and stayed for a week. It would have been nice if the other daughter and husband would have been able to come over from the States, but, who knows, maybe next year!
My Christmas sales party was lovely and by now I have hardly anything left from the Christmas stuff. I was too busy to make pictures of everything I made.

Time to start some new projects. I am going to teach "patchwork making and quilting" because people at the exhibition asked me to, so I have to start preparing lessons and.... I still have to finish one red quilt. Top and bottom are ready. Now comes the quilting. Besides I have to make a whole new one for a little boy's bed.
I have lots of ideas, so I better make a program and start working!!!!

                                             A happy, healthy, creative year to all of you!