Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring is in the air; patchwork and garden

The weather is lovely at the moment. Great to work in the garden and great to start spring patchwork projects. Oh,.... I really need more hours in a day!
I made my first Easter table runner. The Greek Easter is on the 5th of May this year, a big difference with the Catholic Easter.

The two mug rugs I made a bit earlier. I quickly have to make a few more because I am going to Holland for a week and want to give them as presents for the friends I am going to visit.

The fabric with the little chickens is bought in Sparta. I was very lucky to find this, because they don't sell much cotton here. They didn't have much left, so I bought it all!

This is my vegetable garden. I did all the digging and planting  last week. Put tomato plants, aubergines, courgettes, cucumber, paprika. Replanted strawberry plants and gave a lot of plants to friends, because they multiply enormously. Put okra and beetroots seeds in. As I am going to Holland this Sunday, I will wait to put the other seeds I bought. I am only going for a week, but it supposed to get hot here in Greece, 28 degrees! In Holland it is very cold at the moment, but I read that spring will start as of this weekend over there! Lucky me! Average temperature for the week I am staying.... 14 degrees! But... it will be sunny with some clouds and a bit of rain. Not bad.

In a little my garden will be full of this lovely okra flowers (above) and courgette flowers (below). The courgette flowers are really nice stuffed with rice and herbs.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Blue baby quilt and wall hanging

The big boss of my husband became a grandfather again two hours ago. He has already three granddaughters, but now it's a boy! So, double pleasure!
I made a light blue baby quilt some time ago; the perfect gift for this newborn baby.

I didn't post this quilt earlier because I wanted to make better pictures of it. Also at this point it not completely quilted yet. Now it's finished.

I also put the "instructions to care of your quilt" on it, as well as my label.  I love the bear fabric which I got from Jo-Ann. There are also some pieces of a shirt of my husband and a dress of one of my friends!

Last week I made  a wall hanging for a child's room. I bought the owl fabric to use as border on baby quilts, but as I was making mini quilt wall hangings with my group of students, I decided to use to owl fabric for decoration and here is the result.

Well, I finished my coffee and this blog post, ready to go back to garden digging! I started this morning, but my husband came home at lunch time with a friend and we had some ouzo's. After lunch a had a little cat nap (because of the ouzo!) but now I am ready to do some work again!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Red and green

Busy...busy...busy! Spring is here and I am trying to get my vegetable garden going. Cleared quite some weeds, did some digging and planted aubergines, courgettes, cucumbers, sweet peppers and replanted strawberries. That's how far I got. Still a lot to do. I love working in the garden, but I also love to make patchwork. I am trying to find a balance!!
Pictures of the garden will come after I've done some more work!

This picture is made in the garden. I am still trying to find a good way to show the quilts. Not easy!

I finished this red quilt 3 weeks ago. It is for a Romanian women here in Greece who will take it to her daughter in Romania..

Someone asked me how many different fabrics I used. After counting it turned out to be fourteen.

On the front of the house I can take a picture hanging the quilt over the balcony. I can only do this on a Sunday, though, because on other days there are always cars parked in front, and too much traffic.

The back of the quilt

I don't know why, but lots of my customers seem to like green quilts. I made the first one, and they all wanted something similar. So, here is the 5th green one.

First the selection of the fabrics. Not the easiest job

                                                  The end result and the back.

And now back to the garden to do some work over there!