Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring is in the air

It is still cold, but spring is in the air. I didn't take good care of my garden last year. Too busy with my patchwork and quilting projects. Forgot to put bulbs in the ground last autumn. But it seems that there were still some bulbs in the garden and here and there a lonely tulip and narcissus popped up.

The Arum is doing very well in Greece. Doesn't need any care, just comes up and multiplies itself

These buds are supposed to become apricots. Sometimes we have a lot of them, and other times, like last year, we had only 5 !!!

The blossom is lovely, though

I always like the bright pink of the Japanese quince 

So, there is a little bit of colour in my garden at the moment, but most of it is still weeds !!! Time to get to work !!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Quilt Along February - houses

Also this month I got some lovely house blocks. 

A little cottage, made by Viki Harala

Street houses, by Lida Nathena

sweet doggy in front of his house door, by Gianna Thanassoulia

This QAL project is a lot of fun, the blocks are all beautiful, can't wait to see the end result next January! Still a long wait, but it is worth the time!

I made this snowy landscape with the little cottage. Unfortunately I can't show you the other two I made this  month, because they got stuck in the post somehow! Posted them on the 17th of February and they didn't arrive yet !!!!
Have to sort this out when I go the post office to send off my contribution blocks for the month of March. Of course I have pictures of the ones that got stuck on the road, but I am not allowed to show them till the girls get them.. I am sure they will in the end. Hope it doesn't take too long! Keep thinking positive!!!!!!!!