Thursday, October 24, 2013

Autumn bag

The weather in Greece is still beautiful. Sunny with temperatures around 24 degrees at midday. Because Sparta lies in a valley, the nights are much colder, which gives you an autumn feeling. At this time of the year I miss Holland a bit. The whole country is dressed in yellow, orange and red, while here the trees are mostly evergreens. I have to go to forests in the mountains to see the leaves change colour. This weekend, though, I will  probably go to Arna, a village high up in the mountains where they will be celebrating the annual Chestnut Festival.

I might take the bag I just made with me. It will fit the chestnuts I am going to buy!

It is made of different kind of  fabrics: cotton, wool and pieces I cut from upholstery fabric samples. A very dear friend of mine, who passed away last year, left me a bag of crocheted granny squares. I used one of these for the bag. The flower on top of it, is cut out of the upholstery samples and appliqued on. 

The back also has a flower. The "tweed" fabric is cut out of a skirt I bought at the second hand shop. So, most of the patchwork pieces are recycled. 


The cats in the garden use the tree the bag is hanging from as a scratch pole! Luckily it doesn't bother the tree, a Lagerstroemia, which colours beautifully at the moment.

As, in summer,  I don't sit in the garden a lot because it is too hot, most of the times, I really enjoy having a cup of coffee in the garden at this time of the year. Doing some hand sewing in the meantime. I started making Christmas decorations, as you can see.

Now, back to work, lots of things to be done!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

My "celebration" bags

Usually I make large bags. I like them more than small ones and I consider them very practical. But sometimes you need a tiny little bag, for instance when going to celebrations, like weddings, baptisms and other festive occasions.

This summer I had to go to a wedding and a baptism, so I made myself a neutral little purse of all recycled fabrics.

The base of the bag is cut out of a thick shirt. The top is part of the closing strip of the shirt. I cut up a embroidered doily my mother-in-law made. It was already torn and had holes in it! It is beautiful, it deserves to be recycled.
Also an old curtain with sea motives is cut up and used as well as a duvet cover I bought second hand.
I still have some crochet edges, also made by my mother-in-law. She was a great crocheter and has made lovely things (and a lot!) . Good use for them too.

Last year I made two little bags. The first one to go with a skirt I have. The skirt was too long, so I shortened it and used a piece of it to make the bag.

Here it is, made out of linen and to be more festive I stuck a corsage on it. 

And the last one. I really like this collier and wear it a lot. So I matched the bag with the collier and scarf.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Messenger bags.

I haven't written for a long time. Summer caught up with me and my priorities changed! As it gets extremely hot here in Sparta I tended more than an hour each day to the garden. The heat also seems to affect my energy level. Everything goes a bit slower!
But....autumn is here and the temperature is lovely at the moment. There are clouds (no rain!) which was excellent to do winter cleaning in the garden. Yesterday, together with a friend, I pulled out all the tomato, ocra, courgettes plants. We left three eggplant and two pepper plants, creating space enough to put in the winter veggies. Tomorrow I am going to the market to buy some.

I did do some sewing, though, during the summer.

I made two messenger bags. There are rather big, because they can hold a laptop. They are padded.

I like big buttons and started to look for vintage ones. Not easy! I have to go again to Athens to start searching for things like this.

This is the second one, in turquoise colours, more summary.

And a shopping/beach bag. I didn't go to the beach at all this year! I love to swim, but because I am very fair with a white sensitive skin, I can't sit in the sun. I get even burned under an umbrella!
To get to the beach you need a three quarters of an hour drive. Just to swim it is too long for me. I would like to stay at a place at the sea. Swim early morning, late afternoon and then sit somewhere in the shade and read. Didn't happen this year, maybe next!

The piece of embroidery I bought at the Athens' flea market. I went there with my quilting friend Theodora in spring. The embroidery was in a frame. The salesman was emphasizing how nice the frame was. I had no interest for the frame, though! The only thing I am interested in is fabric, embroidery, buttons. It is getting an obsession. I am becoming a REAL quilter?

And the last photograph, a more detailed picture of the messenger bag.