Thursday, June 28, 2012

How to take care of your quilt

In a local bookshop I found some nice thin wooden labels. I bought them and put my address stickers on. It fitted nicely and I like it.
In one of my magazines I found instructions about how to take care of your quilt. A had a very good friend of mine translate them into Greek, bought some coloured carton and glued the printed instructions on. Then I attached them to the quilts and here is the result.

Yesterday I went to Kalamata and bought some lovely vintage materials in an old shop. My friend, who is a photographer made some pictures. Next time I'll show you the shop, which is in the heart of the old town.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Turtle baby quilt

I finished the three baby quilts and made pictures of them. The first one I made with lovely cotton material with a turtle design. I bought this fabric in the States. The rest of the materials I got in Greece. I love making things for babies, they turn out so sweet!

                                         The back of the quilt has just one little turtle

To make pictures of the whole quilt is a bit of a fuss. I put it on a bed, get on a chair and try to hold the camera above it, exactly in the middle. I can tell you that that's not easy! Anyway, this is the result.

I had just a little bit turtle material left, so I made a little bag with it, to put the baby's sleep wear or some toys 

Monday, June 18, 2012

baby quilt and table runner

As I said already, I'm making baby quilts at the moment. I finished two and am working on the third one. The pictures I made didn't turn out so well, so I have to do that again. A few months ago I made the quilt in this picture. I love the colour green and I use recycled and new materials. I cut up cotton shirts, skirts, sheets and whatever I can lay my hands on, if I like the pattern and colour.

This colourful tablerunner I made with Easter. In Greece they paint the Easter eggs red, so I decided to make something with red instead of the usual yellow/green decoration.

I still have to find a nice way to make pictures of the quilts. I hang them on the wash line, or put them on the bed, standing on a chair and try to hold the camera high in the middle of the quilt. This takes some practice! I get a piece of the quilt with my toes, or part of the bed! Have to find a better way.

In reality the colours are much brighter, but you'll get an idea.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer in the garden

This morning there was a lovely breeze and I could sit in the garden. It felt great, because the last few days were too hot to be outside. I have several spots to sit in the garden, and this is my favorite.

The garden needs watering every afternoon and it takes quite some time, because I prefer to do it manual, I don't have an irrigation system. It is also good, because I can pick weeds while watering and check what needs to be done. 

The petunia's are doing great, as well as the roses. When I came here, 30 years ago, the garden had already these beautiful big pink roses. Every year I take cuttings, so I have new ones, in case the old ones die.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

summer patch work

The temperatures are getting higher and higher, tomorrow's forecast is 36 degrees C. I worked in the vegetable garden till 10 o'clock in the morning. After that it's too hot. So, from now on, I will be a lot inside the house. Time to work on my patchwork. I am making baby quilts at the moment. I will post some pictures in my next blog.
This bag I made for my eldest daughter. She is very happy with it and uses it a lot.

This light grey one is also one of my favorites

Here did I spend a few hours this morning

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The space where I make my patchwork

In spring I worked a awful lot in my garden to get it ready for the summer. It's a joy to sit outside at the moment, and from my workspace in the basement I can look outside and see the garden. Especially when the door is open, I have an excellent view. I just love my garden.
My second love is patchwork and the pictures below show my workplace. Now, with the garden under control, I started to sew again.

And a picture of the garden