Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Quilt story

Finally I finished Ruth's quilt. She wanted a very big quilt, 3.20 x 2.40 cm, that is 126" x 95". 

It nearly filled the whole bedroom. I had to go to a friend's house to do the basting, my house isn't big enough and she has her living, dining room and study all in one, so we could push some furniture aside and put the quilt layers on the floor. 

Ruth had seen my two table runners, loved the colour combinations and decided she wanted her quilt to be in the same pallet. 
We are having an issue here in Greece with the capital controls. I can't order anything on-line which doesn't come from Greece. That means I had to use fabrics that I already posses. In Sparta there is one little shop that sells fabric, hardly any cotton, useless! In Athens it also isn't easy. There are shops with old stock, but they have not much patterns, just dots, squares and some flowery materials. Then you have the Laura Ashley, Liberty and similar shops, where you have to pay a fortune to make a quilt.  I found that I can find lovely fabric in the second hand shops. They have dresses and duvet covers in lovely cotton, very cheap. All in all, it took me a while to get the fabrics sorted out.

The pieces with the black are cut from a dress, the red is a tablecloth, the square and stripes are pillowcases the flowers are from a duvet cover and of course there are also pieces from newly bought fabrics.

The top was ready before the summer, but with temperatures lots of times from over 35-42 degrees C, I started the quilting a month ago. September still had extremely hot weather. 

My big friend and companion Flopsy is always following the progress, and loves fabrics. While showing something to a friend, he decided to take the place of the fabric pieces I took out.