Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Red and white and Christmas

Time to start getting ready for Christmas! I took my suitcase with fabric and patchwork Christmas runners, cushions etc. from the closet and did a stock-in-trade. I could do with some more new stuff and of course I want to make some gifts. 
As I am working, at the moment, on my house quilt, I realized it also has a Christmas house in it. This one is made by Eleni Gioka.

I myself, also made some Christmas scenes which I sent to my fellow QAL-ers. 


 As Eleni choose for a red Christmas, I decided on the snowy one because I had this white fabric with the stars (used to be a curtain!) and the beige flowers (was once a duvet cover!). As a good Dutch girl I couldn't resist to put the ice skating couple in. We made this houses last year. Time to start something new.

 The easy and quick projects first; some mug rugs. Made three red ones.

That's it for the moment. Time to get cracking!!!

This could be a Christmas star, but it isn't! 

I made this for a new project from the Hellenic Patchwork Guild. They plan to hang a nice red-and-white quilt in their office and asked the members to participate in this new QAL. So I did. It just happens to be a star, probably inspired by the season or by the fact that our Spartan Quilting Bee is making a English Paper Pieced star quilt. 
Now quickly back to my quilting. The weather is very cold for here with icy rain. Nothing better to sit inside and do some sewing!!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hellenic Patchwork Guild - QAL 2015 - my house quilt

My post of the 28th of October showed the house quilt Sandra Coronaki made from the houses she got through the QAL of the Hellenic Patchwork Guild. 
I really liked the  way she put the quilt together. I found a tutorial on the internet on how to assemble ready made and quilted blocks, that I liked and started the procedure. 

 I tried out a lot of colours for the strips, but ended up using white with blue/grayish little squares on the corners. The quilt will be displayed in the workshop center I am going to open, together with a friend. Can't wait, but all the paperwork is delaying us quite a bit. The quilt will be hanging in a hall on a very light grey wall. I think that the work that the 36 women, who made the houses, did, will show off very well on this wall.

Didn't finish the quilt yet!! Did sew all the houses, though, and have started hand quilting the blocks. 

At the moment I am babysitting in Athens, but next week I'll be back in Sparta and will finish the quilt. Can't wait!!

 Since I took the house blocks from the design wall I have space to start putting the stars on it. This is a project from our Quilting Bee Sparta. Next week we will have a meeting again, so more starts will be arriving!! 
Until then I have to paper piece a few stars. Can do  that in Athens, that's why I like English Paper Piecing,you can do it everywhere!


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Autumn in the garden

The weather in Greece is still unusually warm. It is lovely, excellent for nice walks. Unfortunately I don't have much time at this moment for long walks in the mountains, but in my garden I can see autumn. The leaves of the Lagerstroemia are colouring and falling down.

Next to this tree is the Abutilon, which still has some flowers 

The dwarf roses, which become a rather big shrub in my garden also still bloom

In the front of the house I have a Bougainvilea, a dark red one. It took 15 years to start blooming, no idea why. I was ready to pull it out, but I am so glad I didn't, because now it has lots of flowers in spring, summer and still in autumn!

I forgot the name of this one, although I really love it. It has beautiful dark, nearly black berries, which the birds love, as you can see. They nearly ate all of them. The leaves turn in a lovely red and they look great in a vase.

Luckily the garden doesn't get completely barren during the winter, because we have the citrus trees, a lemon tree, a few orange trees and a tangerine tree. The tangerines are the first ones to ripen. I guess that in a week's time we will be able to start picking a few.

I am in Athens at the moment, so when I will be going back to Sparta I can start eating !!!

My naughty friend in Athens. He ruined the all the flowers by digging in the flower pots, so we bought some netting. He is just checking it out!