Saturday, August 27, 2016

I'm a granny !

On the 9th of August I became a grandmother! What a beautiful experience!

I stayed in Athens to help and enjoy the little guy, who is a perfect baby. He sleeps, cries only when he is hungry or has a dirty nappy. It is amazing how quick they grow the first month, well, the first year as a matter of fact.

Two weeks before the baby was born the happy couple adopted a little kitten, they found!! Not the brightest idea, because it is only 2 months old and has to be educated, especially in an apartment. The cats they know from home are also in the garden and get rid of all the energy they have chasing flowers and leaves. Mio wants you to play with him and boy...has this little kitten an energy!!! He sees no danger and gave us all some heart attacks, being on the 4th floor, trying to look down from the balcony, putting his head between the railings. After a week or so he managed to walk on top of the railing.

 I am back in Sparta since a few days, happy to find the house and garden in a good state. My husband excelled himself!! 

We had  constant heat waves in Greece, very high temperatures, certainly not good for walking especially in Athens where it doesn't cool down during the night. Sparta lies in between mountains and is hotter during the day, but cooler during the night, so the early early morning (6 or 7 o'clock) is excellent for walking. The idea is that I start again tomorrow. Have to get rid of  some extra kilos. My pregnant daughter had a crave for ice cream and who am I, not to join her in this heat!! 
It is grape time, so I'll better switch to this delicious fruit now.

I am going to finish my baby storage unit now because in Athens I didn't have time. Time to go to work!


Friday, August 5, 2016

Heat wave - what to do??

We are still waiting for the baby to arrive, so I should have a lot of time to do some sewing! The thing is... we are having a long and very hot heat wave, and that really slows me down. 

When I arrived in Athens, I started to walk in the stadium next to my daughter's house, early in the morning. Then it became so hot, that I decided to wait a few days. I'm still waiting, so maybe I should just start again and ignore the heat. I really need some exercise!

There are few things I made, that I haven't posted yet. My camera broke down and it took me  a month to get a new one. I had just started to knit a white cotton baby cot blanket, although with these temperatures baby doesn't really need any blanket, not even a sheet!!! Of course the blanket is in Athens now and I could make a picture of it in the baby's cot. (When is he finally deciding to come???) 

The pillow case my mother bought when she was expecting me!! Never mind that I was a girl. Those days you had no idea what was coming! I always loved blue, maybe this is the reason why? Unconscious baby memories, haha!!

As it seems that babies have to be in sleeping bags nowadays I quickly sew this one. It is an embroidered pillow case, that I never used because it wasn't the right size. I closed it and put elastic through it. Excellent for this weather.

To keep myself busy I started to make a storage unit for the baby's room. It is still work in progress. I am going to have 9 pockets with animals appliqued on them. This is the first one, the hippo.

I  cut out all the pieces and made the lay-out 

 This morning I finished the first row, and now I have to hurry to continue the other two rows. Can't wait for it to be finished. Who knows, baby boy might suddenly decide to see this world today or tomorrow instead of waiting till Monday, when they have to go to the hospital for check-up, with the suitcase!