Saturday, June 27, 2015

colourful cushions

Patchwork and quilting is getting more and more known in Greece. Lots of women love it and want to learn the techniques, especially after they have been to an exhibition. That's how I started teaching. My last group made some lovely cushions as their first project.

The traditional crafts in Greece are embroidery and crocheting. I have beautiful crocheted bedspreads my mother-in-law made and lots of embroidered doilies and runners. I think I am going to make pictures one of these days to show you! 

The last few days I was busy making house blocks for the Greek QAL (Quilt Along) which is organized by the facebook page "και στην Έλλαδα αγαπάμε το πατσουωρκ" . My next blog will be about the houses. 

I never thought that I would like teaching, but it is great to see the enthusiasm of the participants, whether they know already how to sew or have no idea about sewing. The older generation has learned basic crafts at school, the younger one, though, has no idea!!! I really think that it is a lack in education. Nowadays they teach drawing/painting and no other crafts whatsoever. 

Crafting is so relaxing, so different from e.g. a day job, and the joy you get when you have the finished product is unbelievable! 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Catching up

I was rather busy the last few months, so I didn't blog a  lot! The preparation for two exhibitions needed a lot of time. Finishing off some quilts, making posters, washing and airing cushions and quilts and lots of other little jobs.

Needless to say that the garden was left to itself for too long.... in desperate need for pruning, weeding, and putting in annuals. Luckily for the garden and me (!), my husband went on pension and is tending the veggie plot ! He even had someone come and prune the citrus trees when I was in Holland. 

Now that the weather is nice Flopsy is much more outside and follows my movements from the other side of the window.

When he is inside, however, he can't stop being naughty !!!

The summer project of the Spartan Quilting Bee is to make a quilt with the magic vine flower blocks. I got the book from Eleanor Burns "the Magic Vine Quilt, which has easy to follow instructions. I dumped scraps on the bed during our meeting to select fabric pieces for the flowers. When everyone was gone and I came back in the room to collect my scraps.....there he was !! With an attitude of saying: "don't come near me, I like this spot and I am not going to move !!!"

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Exhibition Quilting Bee Sparta - Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil

Our Quilting Bee organized an one-day exhibition on the 18th of May, the International Museum Day. The concept was "recycling". As our quilts are mostly made of used fabrics we were asked to show them and to give demonstrations of the various techniques we use.

This is a beautiful museum in Sparta. I only made a few pictures of the garden this time. Next Saturday I am going to visit the museum with a group of people from the Mediterranean Garden Society and am planning to make pictures inside.

The entrance to the exhibition 

We were very happy that we had quite a lot of visitors. There were numerous other events on this day !!

The two quilts on the right are made by Anneli Letho-Koutsoviti, de pink one by me. Other members of the Bee made the cushions.

These quilts are going to an orphanage in Lamia next month.

Katerina working on our next project

Beautiful quilt made by Anneli

Maria Kalamara, sitting in front of her table with the hexagons. She was showing the English Paper Piecing Technique

Eleni Tzanetakou, handquilting while Katerina Exomanidi is probably talking about some interesting techniques !!

Maria with her French friends and Martha Papanikolaou

Eleni, Pitsa Lambrinou, me and Maria cleaning up !