Thursday, November 28, 2013

Visit to Tegea (2)

I am getting myself ready to go to the center of Athens, to Monasteraki to buy some fabric. It's a beautiful day, cold but sunny.

But first, let me post more pictures or our visit to the Quilt Group in Tegea.

These ladies make beautiful quilts 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Visit to Quilt Group in Stadio/Tegea

Yesterday I went with 3 other members of our Spartan Quilting Bee to visit a Patchwork and Quilting Group in Tegea, a village close to Tripolis.

The Public Benefit Foundation Michail N. Stassinopoulos - Viohalco built a very nice Cultural Center in this village, with a theater, library, workshop rooms.

This group started in 2003 with Mrs. Myrto Blassopoulou as (a very experienced) teacher. They showed us the lovely quilts they made and are still working on.

We followed the lesson, where Myrto taught us how to make a patchwork Christmas snowflake to use in a quilt, table runner or Christmas ornament.

I didn't make a picture of the snowflake, but, talking about Christmas, above the table runner, small tablecloth, that Thea (a Dutch member!) made. 
I have a lot of pictures that I cannot submit in one post, but I will write a second time about this visit. 

Now, this one would look gorgeous (when ready) draped over the sofa with Christmas. I can imagine myself cuddled up in this quilt on the sofa under the Christmas tree, sipping a hot chocolate! 

To stay in the red tones, another beautiful log cabin one. 

That's it for now. Tonight or tomorrow morning I will write the second post. I am a bit pushed for time because tomorrow I am going to Athens.

Display in the upper corridor of the building

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Winter bag from recycled grey/yellow materials

For the first winter bag I made this year I used a different pattern. The patchwork is not regular, but consists of different shapes and materials.

The yellow flower material is from a woven tablecloth which I bought in the secondhand shop in Sparta.The yellow pieces are from samples of upholstery fabric as well as the big yellow flower.
The big white flower material was once a curtain and the pocket is cut out of a pair of trousers from a friend's daughter!

All pieces have their history!l

The small strip of yellow lace was sewn at the bottom of one of my dresses. I liked the dress, but not the lace, so I cut it off. Now it will get a second life!

The yellow lace is machine-made, but the white lace that you can see above is made by my late mother-in-law. It is not really lace, I think but English embroidery. Once it was a nice doily, but now it is in a bad state because of intensive use. The good pieces are ready for a new life!
Below a detail.


The second winter bag is a rust coloured one, which I showed you already in an earlier blog. I am ready to make some more!! Time to start working!

Saturday, November 16, 2013


The girls I taught last year became very enthusiast about patchwork and quilting. We decided to meet again after summer to  show our finished projects. We had a great time, very inspiring and fun. I should have made pictures to show you. Well, next time!

That's what gave me the idea to start a Quilting Bee. And as the financial situation in Greece is not well, I thought it a good idea the Bee to be for charity purpose. Wouldn't it be great for someone who is going through a difficult time to receive a beautiful quilt made with love by a group of women.

12 Women made each, at home, two nine-patch blocks, which we laid out on the bed to match the colours and patterns. It turned out beautiful!
Because we are all rather inexperienced quilters, it took some time, and unpicking!! to sew all the patches together. 

Next Wednesday we come together, some in the morning, some in the afternoon, to continue to work on the quilt. 

In the meantime we started the preparation for the second one. Also a baby quilt, just as the one above. We decided on a pattern with triangles to do something different. It wasn't easy at all to get the points together, but it is good exercise. Instead of making a whole quilt by yourself, you learn by making every time 2 patches with a different pattern. 

We are very lucky that a shop donated old stock sheets, which are great for the back of the quilts and people brought us pieces of fabric, old sheets, shirts to cut up and use. 

We still have to think about a name for our Bee. Any suggestions?

And this is me, explaining at a birthday party what we are doing.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


I love making quilts for babies. First of all they are small and thus easy to handle. You can make all kind of lovely designs. And it doesn't take too long to finish. That is to say.....every quilt takes a long time, but I can still oversee the project and don't get overwhelmed!

This one I made in the beginning of the summer. Last year I bought a kind of little tablecloth with big animals printed on it at the Year Market of Mystras. The idea was to cut out the animals and use them for applique.
That's what I did with the elephant. I appliqued it with the machine. A lot of the fabric is vintage and bought in a shop in Kalamata. Other squares are from Holland, bought in winter when I went to the Westermarkt in Amsterdam. The borders are from a sheet bought in Athens. Wherever I am I can't seem to resist the purchase of cotton!!

For the back I used a piece from a duvet cover. I got it from one of the two secondhand shops in Sparta.

Today I bought a cotton skirt and  blouse with lovely prints at the bazaar that the people from the Animal Society had in the Public Library. They need money for an animal shelter. At this moment Sparta doesn't have a shelter, but the society feeds stray dogs and cats in the night at certain places. They also get the animals sterilized.

I am off now to the cinema. Going to see a film with a friend. No idea which movie. Will be a surprise. She just phoned me from her cellphone, but I trust her choice!!!!