Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beautiful caterpillar in vegetable garden

The first time I saw this caterpillar, about a week ago,  was on the dille. It looked so pretty, but what would it do with my plants? So, I destroyed it. Today I found two more on the ruta graveolens. I don't think they can do much harm there, so I left them. I just have to check my vegetables and keep things under control.
In my Guide to Garden Pests I saw a similar one, which is called the redheaded pine sawfly larvae. I don't have a pine tree any more. Had to cut it down 4 years ago, because the branches (4 metres length!) started to break. It was an enormous Umbrella Pine which gave beautiful shade but it became to dangerous.

And this caterpillar doesn't have the red dot, so who knows what it is? I'll keep following it and see what happens.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Too hot to work in the garden

A friend of mine ordered a patchwork plaid for her little goddauchter, to take her to the beach. With it she wanted a beach bag and little sun hat. I nearly finished the plaid. It looks great! I love the colours. I'll post pictures when it's ready.
The weather will be extremely hot for a day or four, so I will be mainly inside the house. Lots of time to finish my orders. I work in the basement, which is really cool and has a nice view of the garden. I desperately need to prune my hedge, but it is too hot. It will get scorched. So, tonight I better just sit in the garden, relaxing with a glas of wine and a nice magazine or book.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


I always loved patchwork. The first skirt I ever made was in the 70's and it was a patchwork one.  Big fashion at that moment! A year ago I started a new project: a quilt; and then another one, and then a bag. From the moment I made the bag, things started to happen! Friends liked it, and asked me to make some for them too. So, I started a "business"!
I made 55 bags with the same pattern, but they're all different. I recycle materials and buy new fabrics, wherever I am. That is mainly Greece, Holland and America. Besides bags, I make quilts, cushions, placemats, tablecloths etc. I really enjoy expressing my creativity by selecting colours, materials, designs and making patchwork goodies.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My garden

This morning I went to the farmer's market to buy some ocra plants, because tthis spring I decided to have again a vegetable garden. I had forgotten how much work this is !! That's why I probably stopped planting veggies! Anyway, the zuchinni plants are enorm and are doing very well. Every other day we have to eat squash, and I'm giving loads away to friends. Unfortunately, that's the only vegetable that produces fruit untill now. The other ones; peppers, eggplant, beans, beetroots and leeks are just growing. They look nice and green, but that's it. I hope the ocra plants will catch  on because it is very hot at the moment. I'll plant them after sunset.
For 20 years I only kept myself busy with the flower garden. I have a cottage style garden, without a lawn, because a lawn in Greece needs too much water. Water was a problem when I came here 30 years ago. Now it's not, but the summer's are getting hotter and hotter, and it might become an issue again.

Here is a part of the garden. Behind the hedge starts the vegetable garden.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Where to start?

I'm Ada and I'm very new to this. I just started this blog and shall see where it leads me.

I live, with my husband, in a small cottage style house in Greece, with a rather large garden for a house in the centre of  town.  My joy is to dig in the soil, plant, replant, prune and just be in the midst of nature, arounded by buzzing bees and wasps(!), caterpillars and butterflies. And of course my cat Flopsy, who follows me wherever I go. Flopsy is a champion catcher of grashoppers, lizards and every now and then a mouse. He tries, together with me,  to keep the garden in balance. We're organic gardeners and I just bought a book about companion planting for the vegetable garden. I realize I have to do some redesigning, next season! This all needs some study.

My second hobby is making patchwork items. About a year ago I made two quilts for the beds in my house. I used old materials, as well as new, and some pieces from white-on-white embroidered pillows covers that my mother-in-law made for her dowry. My friens loved them and told me to start a business.
My next project was, making a patchwork bag for myself. Since then I haven't stopped making bags. I love being busy with colours, designs, different structures of materials, making nice compostions.

Enough for today. It's watering time in the garden!