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Getting ready to celebrate

 Next Sunday we are having our Christmas celebration at A&B Creating. We are all looking forward to this lovely event. The last pieces has been sewn!! This is Dimitra working on a table runner with EPP star. So focused and concentrated she forgot to drink her coffee! Left half of it, haha!  The other girls are serious as well. They want to finish the top before they leave and continue the rest of the runner at home.  Maria, Pitsa and Sofia are doing a great job. After this they are done with the sewing, they can relax  and start thinking about baking!! Because at the celebration we need coffee, tea and cakes in the morning and probably we can do with a bit stronger drink at lunchtime. Hearts, stars, EPP, blanket stitch, we use them all to get an old-fashioned country look. the countryside we are. This is in my garden. The yellow/pink leaves are from a snowball shrub, that belongs to my neighbour. The green laurel leaves are mine! Because the weather was, and is still rath

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