Scrappy Christmas projects

 Being a quilter for more than 10 years I have gathered a lot of scraps! I like to work with all those tiny pieces. It is a challenge to make something beautiful with the fabrics you have. Not buying anything new, just using whatever is available. 

The members of the Quilting Bee Sparta are still working on Christmas ornaments for our get-together on the 18th of December. We will have a nice day, with coffee and cakes, and really getting into the Christmas spirit. After all those covid constrictions, it is so good to be able to enjoy each others company again. 

Last year I made a lot of cards from scraps, but didn't send them. I didn't manage to go to the post office before I was leaving for Belgium to spend Christmas with my daughter and her family. there are all these cards, waiting to be send this year. 
What about his little fellow? He, or she is so cute! The pattern is from an old Dutch magazine. A left-over piece of embroidery fabric and some scraps around it, make it into a lovely little wall hanging. Nice for a children's room, or grown-ups who love little mouses.
More scraps, this time the snow landscapes with houses are from a Bee member We made them into a little quilt. The wall hanging is ready, but I don't have a picture yet from the finished product. I can show you the top, though!
On Pinterest I saw a picture of crocheted ornaments from T-shirt yarn. We happen to have a roll of white yarn, and after watching a video on how to make ornaments with this kind of yarn, a friend made the ones above. Now I need some more T-shirts to start making yarn. 
The weather changed and we had some rain, which made the garden look more like an autumn one. Fallen leaves, naked branches, puddles and mud. The berries, are beautiful. It is nice to see the season change after a long hot summer.

See you next week!


  1. Dearest Ada,
    Those cards are adorable and indeed, any mice lovers will fall that cute mouse!
    Good luck in creating more.

  2. Wat een leuk idee zulke kaartjes!

  3. Αχ αυτά τα κουρελάκια!
    Κι εγώ μόνο με αυτά θέλω να ράβω μικρά και μεγάλα πράγματα.
    Υπέροχες οι κάρτες σου.
    Πρέπει κι εγώ να τις στείλω εγκαίρως .
    Φιλιά πολλά.

    1. Θα στείλω τις κάρτες αύριο, γιατί ειδικά αυτές του εξωτερικού αργούν πολύ δυστυχώς.


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