Christmas sewing

 The weather is acting very strange! At the moment we have a thunderstorm, not a bad one luckily, but at midday the temperature was 23 degrees Celsius. We haven't had any heating on yet and in 10 days it will be December!! It feels weird, working on Christmas decorations in a T-shirt. 

These lovely berries came from our garden. They look great on the doily with the English Paper Pieced star. As a matter of fact the doily was a napkin, one of the 12 that were donated by a friend. We made 6 star doilies and will for sure find something to do with the other six. The members of the Quilting Bee Sparta did a lot of EPP work for the Christmas bazaar. 
Besides the stars on the doilies, they made wreaths from hexagons, and ornament stars. And what about the lovely bells hanging in the picture above? Aren't they cute. 
One of the members had a large piece of light blue brocate, brought to her as a present from the States, years ago!! Not knowing what to do with it, it stayed in her fabric stock. Until now....the fabric is perfect for Christmas balls. I have to make a better picture, because here you can't see them very well.

I bought quite some tartan fabric more than 20 years ago in a warehouse in Athens. It had been there for a long time. I just loved it, was thinking of making some clothes, but that  never happened!! Time to get creative and start using all those fabrics I gathered throughout the years. 
The classic item for tartan fabrics is of course bags. So, this is the first one I made. Excellent for Christmas shopping. I hope that you don't shop everything on line, but also buy local !!!! Then this is the perfect bag for your presents.
Dimitra came to the studio and was wearing the perfect color clothes to show the bag. The enormous tree in our front garden is an avocado tree and now is the time it is bearing fruits. It has a lot of them, but they are tiny. Luckily there are also a few fat ones!!
This tree is also in our garden, lovely background for the stocking. We will make some more of those with pieces of handmade vintage lace. It is a pity if this lace is thrown away. The tablecloth may be full of stains and not usable anymore, but this handmade lace is very strong and can be re-used easily.

Next week we are continuing our Christmas sewing. You can't have enough Christmas decorations!!


  1. Dearest Ada,
    When we lived for three Christmas periods in tropical Indonesia—it felt strange to have such weather. Now I'm used to our climate that can be warm and also may be freezing.
    You have been very creative with creating lovely pieces.
    Good luck for the coming weeks!


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