Monday, November 5, 2018

Christmas quilts

This weekend I was in Athens to see my eldest daughter's family and to visit the crafts fair Xeirotexnika. The weather was great and I had a lovely time with my grandchildren.

Last year I participated in the Quilt Along Have a Jolly Little Christmas from  Sew Fresh Quilts. I started to make each block 4 times to make 4 quilts!!! One for each daughter, one for A & B Creating and one for myself. That went well until the 8th block. I had a lot of other things to do, so Christmas quilts last year. 

Some of the finished blocks

My plan was to have them ready for this year.  I would have the whole summer to do so. To make a long story short....I started to sew again last month and finished 9 blocks. Now I can make 4 wall hangings. But...I have to make at least one lap quilt, because that was last years present for my daughter in America. Well, all the blocks are ready to be sewn together. 

The partridge in the pear tree, the candles, moose and Santa were also made last year.

Missing in the picture are the ornaments and the reindeer. Next time I will be able to show you the finished top!! Then some quilting needs to be done. I bought some lovely green fabric at the fair from Ifasmataki which I will use to make the bias. As I had a lot of white linen I decided to use that. Well, did I regret that. Linen isn't suitable for sewing tiny pieces!!


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