Sunday, November 11, 2018

Autumn in the garden

In the weekends I clean my house, wash, iron and try to work in the garden. I love working in the garden. It is so relaxing, I hear the birds sing, and see all kinds of insects flying, creeping and walking through. 

 The autumn colours are beautiful. In the picture above the birds ate already most of the berries. They are poisonous for people, but the birds really like them. 

The leaves of my Lagerstroemia tree in the back, which has gorgeous pink flowers all summer, turn into a deep red. Under the tree the Abutolon grows and grows and shows it's red flowers nearly all year round. It needs a lot of pruning!!

Because the weather is still very nice with high temperatures the roses are still flowering, and the bees zoom in and out.

I have a Lantana, which gives me a bit of a headache! I have too much shade in the garden, so it forms long stems, trying to find the sun.Not much flowers.
It makes little berries, though. The wind or the birds take the berries, drop them and everywhere little Lantana plants pop up!! And...they have strong roots. 

 It is time for the oranges, lemons and mandarins to ripen. My mandarins are still a little bit sour, but you can eat them. For the rest of the citrus fruits we still have to wait a bit. I have a Kumquat in a pot. This shrub has small orange-like fruits.  In Corfu they make a very tasty liqueur with it. 

And look who also likes to be in the garden!



  1. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing, love the autumn colours, good to see you have a helper in the garden.

  2. Αν δεν είχαν κιτρινίσει τα φύλλα των δένδρων , με τόσα φυτά ανθισμένα μάλλον Άνοιξη θυμίζουν οι αυλές ! Ωραίες φωτό . Φιλιά

  3. Dearest Ada,
    You have a very wonderful garden with many flowers.
    The soil must be very rich for such output.
    Here we have too many huge trees and the competition for light and food is fierce.
    Oh my, those invasive Lantana plants are a pest.
    Love your cute kitty in the last photo.
    Good luck maintaining it all. In a good week (I hope!) I can start cleaning the house after all the renovation work has ended. So much DUST now and no use of cleaning while work is in progress.

  4. If it was not for the kumquat, I would think you took the photos in my own!!!! This time of the year the colours are splendid! Your sweet cat also looks like one of my three cats!

  5. Ja heerlijk he, in de tuin werken! Daar word ik ook altijd ontspannen van! Fijn weekend!