Tuesday, July 10, 2018

cats and backpacks

Three weeks ago my daughter who lives in North Carolina, came to visit us. She liked my laptop backpack, so I made her one too.

The lovely light blue fabric is cut from a German dirndl dress, they use at the beer festivals. This kind of dresses are sold in Sparta in the second hand shops. Lots of the second hand stuff comes from Germany!
I love those dresses! The cotton fabric is from an excellent quality and has nice patterns. The skirts have a lot of fabric. 

 A zipper pocket on the back for valuables.

 My daughter has two cats, and fancied the little mini quilts to put on a chair or sofa or on your lap, to have a nice sleeping place for your kitty.

 She took one, so I made a few more. I want to sew for red cats too!!

This is my cat Flopsy. Most of the time he looks a bit angry, but he is very sweet. He has a difficult time with the stray cats in the garden! They chase him. He is neutered and is no match for the stray ones! 

I have to rescue him sometimes. But...he also enjoys the garden.

On a cold winter day, when he was inside we were watching a documentary about the oceans. Suddenly the fishes caught his eye, he walked up to the tv and he sat there watching for quite some time. So funny!

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