Sunday, March 3, 2013

Old school dresses

Some time ago my friend Ina was walking in the neighbourhood of Mystras when she saw a pile of rubbish. As she is very concerned about the environment she went closer to look. You can't believe what she found: 19 school dresses, all still packed in the original plastic bags from Πειραϊκή Πατραϊκή. This excellent company, which made mainly cotton products, unfortunately closed years ago. When I came to Greece, about 35 years ago, the children didn't wear school uniforms any more, so these dresses must be rather old.

Ina gathered them and brought them to me to recycle! I washed them and they are ready to use. I don't know yet what I am going to do with them, but something will turn up. At least the colour blue is fashionable again!

Today it's raining, but spring is in the air! Yesterday I did some work in the garden and last week we could sit outside to have our coffee. The garden is still in its winter state (with a lot of weeds, because of the rain and some sunshine).  I can't wait to be able to sit here again.

The coming weeks I will be an avid gardener. Lots of work to be done. I started to dig the vegetable garden. The strawberries need replanting. They multiplied enormously. I found some chives under the weeds and who knows what else I will find. It's always a surprise. Birds bring seeds and leave me with, sometimes, very nice plants.

I could use some cushions for my garden chairs. Maybe I manage to make them this year. The ones below I made for Ina. We bought the chairs and little tables together. Second hand, a good deal. Can't wait for the sun to come, but I probably have to wait a few days according to the weather forecast!


  1. Wat een vreemde vondst, maar wel een prachtige plaatje van die blauwe schoolwas. Blauw is zo wie zo mijn favoriete kleur, die patchwork kussentjes voor de stoeltjes zijn ook snoezig. Er valt nog heel wat te doen voordat we "rustig" op onze tuinstoeltjes kunnen zitten, haha. Maar er is weer een begin.

  2. That was a wonderful find.
    the school podia was always an expense at the beginning of the school year,to my mind then they were quite expensive.
    When my daughter started the first class of the gymnasium we bought a dark blue podia which was which the high school girls wore. She only wore it for a month before the podia was deemed not necessary.
    I found some Piraiki Patraiki material not many years ago when I was making some pale blue cotton sheets.

  3. πωπω ποσα χρονια ειχα να δω αυτες τις σχολικες στολες! παρολο που δεν τις προλαβα με ταξιδευουν σε αλλες εποχες!! πολυ ομορφες εικονες!

  4. Jee, wat een geweldige vondst zeg, die schooluniformen! Ongelofelijk dat dit zomaar weggegooid was.. jullie kunnen hier vast weer hele leuke dingen mee doen.. ik ben benieuwd!! Je tuin ziet er wel al heel heerlijk uit, hier is alles nog kaal en zitten we wanhopig te wachten op een beetje zon en warmte. Je pakketje wordt morgen verstuurd, sorry dat het even duurde. Maar het komt eraan :) Groetjes Lupineke

  5. Je hebt in ieder geval weer heel wat materiaal in een prachtige kleur. De stof zal ook wel van goede kwaliteit zijn.
    Wat heerlijk dat je al buiten hebt kunnen zitten. Hier begint het ook wat lekkerder te worden. Het zonnetje schijnt, maar buiten zitten is er nog niet bij. We gaan wel de goede kant op!
    Leuk tuinsetje een prachtige kussentjes. Blauw is een prachtige kleur.....
    Fijne dag en groeten van Willemien.

  6. Wat een vreemde vondst om zoveel heel oude schooljurkjes te vinden. het vult wel een mooie waslijn. En ze hebben een prachtige kleur. Je zult vast wel een idee krijgen om er iets van te maken.
    Eerst heerlijk de tuin in.

    Lieve groet,

  7. What a super find with all those beautiful blue dresses! The colour is a wonderful strong one and will go very nicely with many of the new bright fabrics coming out for Spring. In Switzerland, we are just beginning to get a little warmth but the garden is not like yours at all. :-) I have a quilt retreat in late April so we should have very nice weather by then! I have enjoyed looking through your other posts. You do such nice work. Well done!

  8. Oh Ada I missed this post what a wonderful find your friend is a good person I love those old dresses as I used to wear one ,would it be possible for me to have one I would love to have one to keep as is , I could give you some fabric in return . please let me know.