Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I have been a busy bee the last few weeks; trying to get all my unfinished projects ready. The biggest job was to finish my red quilt. I am so happy I managed to do this. The pictures I want to make have to be outside and that's a little problem at the moment, because, although the weather is rather sunny, there is a lot of wind. Too difficult for me to work with.

The olive harvest is finished. Now is the time to prune the trees and burn the branches. Everyone here in this area has his freshly pressed olive oil. The olive oil here is green, the colour of the plain square in this table runner. Imagine the runner with some feta, olives, Greek rusks and olive oil on top. That would look lovely and will taste delicious!

I have a little "olive tree" in a pot. Look how many olives it has. I guess I should have picked them!

Another project was a bag with a concealed top edge zipper. I've never done that before, but some time ago I bought the Bag Making Bible from Lisa Lam and it showed me how to do this. Here is the result.

The bag is made from Indonesian batik napkins. I love batik fabric. The colours are so beautiful.


  1. De tafelloper is schitterend, ik zie dat al voor me olijven, olijfolie, feta, brood en een wijntje. Verrukkelijk ik verlang naar mooie zomerdagen. Wij hadden vanmorgen zelfs weer sneeuw en er ligt ook weer ijs op de sloten, de winter duurt dit keer buitengewoon lang.
    Groetjes, Janneke

  2. Hello Ada! You know how much I love and use olives in all my decoupage creations!! Your runner is beautiful! But I also love your new bag ! Although it is dark on your photo, I can guess the beautiful combination of colours on the batik!
    I will look forward to admiring your red quilt!

  3. Die stofjes van de tafelloper vind ik prachtig gecombineerd. De foto's geven meteen een heerlijke zomerse sfeer, terwijl het hier nog winter is met op sommige plaatsen veel sneeuw. Mooie tas met de batikstof, lekker ruim. Groetjes,

  4. Love your bag and your olive plant!! Love the photos of your sweet little kitty too!!

  5. Dag Ada, kom ik een bezoek bij jou brengen. Het eerste waar mijn oog opvalt zijn al die vrolijke stoffen, het tweede is het boek Tha bag making bible. Oók pas aangeschaft en wil ook graag the concealed top edge zipper bag maken. Jóu is het goed gelukt in ieder geval!
    Veel leesplezier en fijn Carnavalsweekeinde.

  6. Hi,
    What a lovely bag and how professionally done, Congratulations.
    I like the olive runner also and of course the little olive tree.
    My next door neighbour has one which is right outside my door. So far there are no olives on it