Sunday, October 21, 2018

rag quilting

A & B Creating is  a non-profit organization and as such accepts donations in money as well as in goods. We are very grateful for the Kotsonis shop in Sparta, which has given us lots of fabric samples, and pieces of material. One day we could roam in their storage space, and what did we find?? A whole bag full of vintage flannel nighties. Brand new. They looked great, but when we washed one we realized why they weren't for sale. Did they shrink!!! About 20 cm in length, the arms about 10 cm, while the width stayed the same. So they became a funny shape. Luckily for us there were all big sizes, so when we washed them all and cut them, we had a lot of flower flannel.

For quite some time I wanted to make a rag quilt, which you do with flannel. So here was my chance! With the Quilting Bee Sparta we started to work on it. We bought white flannel for the batting and Maria Kalamara had a nice big piece of blue. This is the result. Doesn't it look gorgeous??

After you sew all the pieces together you have to cut the seams and the borders. This is a lot of work, but luckily we had Demi Kapetanea who didn't mind and did nearly all the cutting. Because she had become an "expert" she also did this little baby quilt.

Here you can see how it works. The cuttings don't look so nice now. That is because they have to be washed and put in a dryer to intertwine. After that they turn up like this.


 The big quilt hasn't been washed and dried yet. From the leftovers I made this cute cushion, that we gave to a friend who was recovering from a big operation. I must say that I love rag quilting. It is fun.

 That's it for now. Next time I will tell you about our ceramic classes.


  1. Beautiful quilt, good to be able to use that fabric. Great cushion.

  2. Dearest Ada,
    How sad in a way that the flannel did shrink so enormously lengthwise! But you sure rescued it and used it for something fabulous. Never had seen this style before but after laundering it, the look is stunning!
    Good for you to turn something useless into something beautiful and desirable.

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