Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hot pad, bags and FAL

I really like Jessica Alexandrakis book QUILTING ON THE GO. I followed her advice and made myself a travel kit. It contains carton hexagons, pieces of fabric, paperclips, needle, thread and scissors. I take it with me when I visit my daughter in Athens and even took it to Holland in the summer. Didn't do much in Holland, though! Too may distractions, I preferred to chat with my friends and it seems that I couldn't do the hexies and the chatting at the same time. .... I need to practice!!

Some time ago on Pinterest (looooove  Pinterest!) I saw a hot pad for a pyrex casserole. The Greek kitchen has lots of oven baked foods, so I decided to make one for  myself. I used some of the hexies and the pad turned out great!!

I like making bags and want to find some new patterns, different from the type I am making. Last summer I made this beach bag, but now I am thinking smaller. 

My try-out bag didn't turn out very practical. (Maybe I should use a proper pattern one time, where they tell you exactly what to do, instead of just get an idea and go for it) Would save me a lot of time probably. 

 I love the piece of embroidery. Found it in the secondhand shop here in Sparta. Paid 0.50 euro for it! The lining is so thick, (because I wanted the bag to be stiff), that I couldn't sew the sides with the machine. Did it by hand! The shape of the bag is nice.  I just have to adjust the pattern.

And...... because of the FAL 2016 I am participating in, I started immediately to sew the remaining blocks of my Formal Dress quilt. I had 12 blocks from this quilt ready and now I finished them all. Hurray!
Tonight I start stitching them together. 

No time to loose.... going to leave you.... have some homemade soup and start again !!!


  1. You make beautiful things! I would love to visit a thriftshop in Sparta :)

  2. O ,wat ben je lekker actief ...en wat mooie creaties ,je
    blauwe tas is wel heeeel mooi geworden ..
    Een fijn weekend Ada ...φιλακια

  3. Dearest Ada,
    You are so right; you MUST concentrate on all handwork and you cannot chat simultaneously. Lovely work you show us here.
    Your button is NOT leading to your Pinterest account. I did find you by trying your name and I arrived at Ada Kopi... So you better get the button directing you to your site. Interesting and yes, I too love it as it is a great way for collecting nice and beautiful, extraordinary things.
    Sending you hugs,

    1. Thanks Mariette. I tried to change the button but it didn't work out, so I removed it. Will try to find out how it works later.
      hugs, ada

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  5. Hello Ada, great job working on your FAL 2016 project!!! Cannot wait to see it complete, I'm sure you will be proud of it!!! Just bought Alexandrakis' book too on Amazon, found it quite interesting, plus haven't bought a quilting book in ages, so, it was time to add one!!! thanks for sharing!!! x