Sunday, January 10, 2016

FAL 2016 - Finish Along

I have decided !!

I am going to participate in the FAL with Mrs Sew and Sow as a host. There are some projects laying around for over a year and some I started a few months ago. So....for the first quarter I choose.

  1. The quilt my friend and sister-in-law in Australia started. She made all the blocks (by hand !!). Then she got a problem with her eyes and now isn't allowed to do any sewing. So she sent the blocks to me, two years ago, oh,oh! I managed to sew the blocks together (with the machine), but I still have to find fabric for a border and do all the rest of the work!
  2. My second project is a bag. My daughter made this lovely embroidery, which she sent me about a year ago, to use to embellish a bag she wanted. Till we agreed and found the fabric and pattern to use some time passed. It's not so simple because she lives in the States. The bag is nearly finished, just needs the handles, but the ones she sent were too heavy, so now we need another solution. I really have to get this bag finished !!!  
  3.  The same sister-in-law sent me the pattern and fabric for the FORMAL DRESS quilt. I made 12 blocks until now. Still quite some to go.
  4.  The last one for this quarter. I knitted a pullover three years go. It was bit tight on me, something that I hate! I started to knit patchwork jacquard pieces to change the pattern and make it wearable. That is to say I''ll try to make it wearable!
    There are more unfinished project but they'll have to wait for the next quarter


  1. Yours is a list with great variety and I think that will be motivational! Good luck. Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.

  2. Good luck from me too Ada, hope to see them finished at the end of the first quarter!!! Great variety with great stories there!! I am sure your sister in law will adore the finished projects!!

  3. Good luck with your various projects. You are an inspiration. I love the colours of the sweater

  4. Zo jij kan nog even vooruit met deze achterstallige projecten. Het herinnert mij er aan dat hier ook nog wel wat onafgemaakte werkjes liggen. Het borduurwerkje van je dochter vind ik schattig, ze zal zo blij zijn met deze tas.
    Groeten, Janneke

  5. Lieve Ada welke werkkamer liggen er geen onafgewerkte
    werkjes ..ik heb me eigen dit jaar aangenomen om eerst die onafgewerkte werkjes af te maken voor dat ik aan iets nieuws begin ( ben benieuwd of het mij gaat lukken ) heb al een werkje af ...ik hoop dat het jou ook gaat lukken tas is al bijna klaar en ziet er mooi uit ...veel liefs

  6. The bag turned out very beautiful. Nice fabric choice. Good luck with your projects.

  7. Je hebt nog even wat werk voor de boeg!
    De kleurtjes van het vest zijn leuk!
    En de tas voor je dochter wordt ook vast helemaal goed, ze heeft er een mooi borduurtje voor gemaakt.

    Liefs, Gerry

  8. Dearest Ada,
    Oh wow, you made a commitment for finishing those projects! Wishing you good luck for getting it out of the way.
    I wonder when I will ever find the time for finishing my cross-stitch embroidery... Would love to quietly sit down and enjoy it! Some crochet work is waiting next.
    Still fighting with all the photos, videos (some I have to update for making them work again!) on my new Mac. It seems at times overwhelming but I have to get it all done. Storing things in iCloud and now checking all my external hard drives if I got it ALL. That is intensive. But for family photos and such, it is worth it.
    I've also deleted lots of old files. We all love to accumulate way too much during our 'short' lives. Pinterest is a great solution for posting things we love; cleaning up the PC!
    Good luck and sending you hugs and love,

  9. Some wonderful projects here some wonderful projects here, and very deserving of finishes! Good luck!

  10. Je laat veel moois zien. Succes met afmaken.