Sunday, September 6, 2015

Quilt Exhibition in museum De Meestoof, Sint-Annaland, Holland

While staying with my friends in Scharendijke, the weather became windy, rainy and  more rainy. No more walks on the beach!! 
We went to visit the Quilt Exhibition in the Streekmuseum De Meestoof, in the village Sint-Annaland. 

From the outside we wondered whether we were at the right place! Didn't look like a museum at all! But when we hesitantly opened the front door of an old municipality building, we were surprised to find colourful quilts and lots of exhibition rooms showing the life in Zeeland in former days.

 My hand wasn't very steady when I made the pictures, so unfortunately a lot of them are not good enough to show. I am especially disappointed that the overview picture didn't turn out ok. No idea why! We started the wine after we left the museum!!

 The colours of the yellow/orange quilt are lovely.

I am participating in a QAL where we make house blocks, so I was very pleased to see this beautiful village.

The quilts are made by all different women. I was a bit in a hurry and didn't make pictures of, or wrote down their names. Should have done that. I don't like it that I can't give credit to the women who made these lovely pieces.



Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Ada,
Ah well, this still is a very nice posting and sure it would have been nice for giving credit to the creator of these beautiful pieces but would they read your blog?
Guess The Netherlands is a high risk country for rainy days and like we had in Toronto, Canada, such a museum visit is the very best option!

Γεωργία( said...

Wow!Great pieces of art!!!!!Thanks for the tour!Did you buy any fabrics from Holland?

Anonymous said...

Prachtige quilts!
Ik blijf het een hele kunst vinden!

Liefs, Gerry

nieneke nia said...

Dat was zeker de moeite die tentoonstelling ..prachtig die quilts ..
echt heel mooi werk ...groetjes

Cisca Heiden van der said...

Wat een aparte en mooie quilts daar in dat Zeeuwse museum. Ook leuk om te zien, dat die "knoop" quilt, is het een Keltisch knot, zo mooi hangt. Ik heb Reiko Kato's sunbonnet quilt gemaakt, die aan de bovenkant rond is en ik vroeg me af of ik hem goed op zou kunnen hangen.
Leuke Hollandse huisjes in je vorige blogje!
Fijne zondag, Cisca

Anonymous said...

What inspirational pieces of patchwork!
They quite take my breath away

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