Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Cushions from toddlers T-shirts

These cushions are going to travel to Australia !  A Greek woman with three little children wants to thank her family in Australia, who sent her a lot of lovely T-shirts. Her kids loved the shirts. Such a nice gesture from the family and a lovely idea to return the shirts in this way!

It was a bit of a hassle to make the tops because all the T-shirt fabric is from a different quality. When I tried to sew around the car, the sewing foot was sticking to it!!! I used a piece of cotton fabric on top of the print to guide my foot. I am pleased, though, with the end result.

 I managed to avoid the fish eyes while sewing. I don't really like to sew T-shirt fabric, it gets so easy wobbly. That's why there is a small border around the prints, to steady the edges.


  1. Ze zijn prachtig geworden , heel mooi ....ondanks het moeilijk is om te
    tricot te naaien .....en ook een heel mooi gebaar ...
    als die kusssens konden praaten .....hihihih....wanten ze hadden eerst een grote reis
    na griekenland ,toen werden ze gedragen en nu weer een grote reis terug ..
    heel veel liefs

  2. So fun! You did a beautiful job of combining the pictures.

  3. Ze zijn wel heel leuk geworden, Ada!

    Liefs, gerry

  4. Dearest Ada,
    That is a very unique way of showing gratitude! That way they got used twice and in a very practical way.
    You did very well, as you mentioned, not easy to 'marry' different types of fabric into one project.
    Hugs and blessings,

  5. those are cute. I love the bags you made in your blog header. Is this a pattern you can share? free?

  6. Enig
    Groetjes uit Zweden en een fijn weekeinden

  7. What bright cushion covers the old T shirts make. You did a good job of combining the pictures and the colours