Sunday, February 8, 2015

Workshop English Paper Piecing

The English Paper Piecing technique is very relaxing and you can make lots of different designs, the one more beautiful than the other. The most well known shape is that of the hexagons.

The piecing is all done by hand and I love doing this while watching something on tv, having coffee with a friend, travelling and sitting in the garden, surrounded by all the lovely flowers, the smells, the cats playing around. All so peaceful and relaxed.

I made this tablemat, to go with the cupcake cup, as an example of the workshop I am going to give Wednesday afternoon the 18th and Thursday morning the 19th. I love teaching, it is very rewarding. The pupils are so enthusiastic, they so enjoy making something creative!  

With Christmas I made a table runner with hexagons. I like the runner. The problem is that it doesn't go very well with my other Christmas decorations. Next year I am going to make another one with different colours and fabrics. I'll add this to  my list of "Projects I am going to make" . God knows when !


  1. I try so much loving hexagons! I love teaching them but not so much making them. Probably I need to try harder or ake my mind that it is not my thing!

  2. Prachtig werk Ada en het geeft zoveel voldoening als je leerlingen ook lekker enthousiast zijn. Moet zelf wel lachen als je schrijft dat het zo relaxed is om hexagonnetjes te maken, voor mij zou het een kwelling zijn nl. Kon vroeger best aardig met naald en draad omgaan, maar heb het de laatste jaren opgegeven, mijn handen kunnen het fijne werk niet aan, heb vaak kloven in de winter doordat ik altijd in de grond zit te wroeten zonder handschoenen (dom, ik weet het) en mijn vingers gaan dan beven, waardeloos. Gelukkig kan ik nog wel snel uit de voeten op mijn toetsenborden, dat zou ik wel verschrikkelijk missen.
    Lieve groet,

  3. Beautiful. I love sewing hexies - I don't EPP I just hand stitch them, but I too find it totally relaxing and it's amazing how many come together in a relatively short time. Good luck with your workshop.

  4. Dearest Ada,
    You are a busy bee and the end results are just lovely!
    Hugs to you,