Thursday, February 12, 2015

New block - Quilters Bee Sparta

Our Quilting Bee meetings started again yesterday. We will start work on two different quilts. One for the advanced quilters and one for beginners.  
It was a busy day! I have the Bee in my house and we have a morning and afternoon group. It is so much fun, though ! Everybody gets excited, just by working together, more and more ideas come up !!! Experiences are exchanged! Work made at home is admired! Lots of time the quilters don't even finish their coffee, they just forget. Too focused on the job !!!

This is the block we made yesterday for the first quilt to be made in 2015.
I don't have pictures from the work on the second one yet.


  1. Een mooi zonnig blok, Ada!
    Veel succes met elkaar!

    Lieve groet,