Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Quilting Bee and the 1st of May

Next Wednesday we will have again a meeting from the Quilting Bee here in Sparta. The morning group is working on two projects in the quilting stage.
The afternoon group started a log cabin last month and still have a way to go till they reach the quilting stage!

Today, the 1th of May is a public holiday in Greece. We celebrate spring; have pic-nics in the countryside, collect flowers, make wreaths with it and hang them on our front doors and balconies. 
We are lucky because it is a lovely day. Sunny with a breeze!

A few days ago I got the vegetable garden ready and planted courgettes, egg plants, peppers, ocra, beans and lettuce which I purchased from the local vegetable market. The leeks and beetroots from seed are doing fine. There are still lots of seed packets in my shed, which I didn't use because I couldn't find an empty spot in between the weeds. And the weeds here are weeds!!! Up to 1 meter high!! During the cleaning job, I even found a lost lettuce. Wasn't much left to eat for me though, because the snails had made it their home! 
I didn't buy tomato plants because they are too much work and because I don't use pesticides they are always damaged, so I just can't be bothered. Lots of tomatoes on the local market.

The flower of the ocra plant is beautiful. The Greeks eat a lot of this vegetable, my husband being one of them.  I don't! So, he gets to eat them and I get to adore the pale yellow flower. We are both happy!

We are not going on a pic-nic today, we are going out to eat in the countryside. Even better!!!
Wishing all my blogger friends, especially the Greek ones, a lovely 1st of May!


  1. Het klinkt allemaal heerlijk, de zon, ergens heerlijk dineren. Hier is het niet zo mooi....bewolkt en al helemaal geen pic-nicweer.

  2. Maak er een mooie dag van en woensdag veel succes met de bee; je bent dan lekker bezig met je quilt vriendinnen. Fijn weekend.
    Groet, Willemien.

  3. Dearest Ada,
    Happy May Day to you!
    Funny as we grow here in Georgia lots of Okra and it is eaten a lot; I love it. Zucchini (courgette), eggplants and okra are great veggies.
    Hugs to you.

  4. Een mooie invulling van de 1 mei. Je zult ongetwijfeld weten dat de dag van de arbeid hier in Nederland steeds minder aandacht krijgt.
    Leuk de quilt-bees!
    En wat een mooie groenten verbouw je in de tuin. De bloem van de okra is meer dan prachtig!

    Lieve groet,

  5. Πολύ όμορφες οι δημιουργίες σας και η τεχνική σας! Καλή Πρωτομαγιά και από εμένα, να είστε καλα! :)

  6. Die bloem van de Ocra is schitterend, heb het nog nooit gegeten. Geniet van je etentje op het platteland.
    Groetjes, Janneke

  7. Καλο μηνά Ada !!!
    grappig ik ben ook geen fan van okras (μπάμιες) ..maar hij heeft wel een mooi bloem .
    dat wordt een leuke quilt ..
    heel veel groetjes ....

  8. Καλό μήνα με έμπνευση για όμορφες δημιουργίες!!! Φιλιά!

  9. Fijn weekeinden en groetjes uit Zweden

  10. Άντα μου καλησπέρα!!! Δε θα μπορέσω να ανέβω Σπάρτη το πρωί γιατί κάτι προέκυψε. Αν είναι κανονήστε να πάτε με τη Σοφία ή αλλιώς το κανονίζουμε για άλλη μέρα. (Δε βρίσκω το τηλ ούτε το e mail σου γι'αυτό αφήνω σχόλιο) Φιλάκια πολλά! Καλή εβδομάδα!

  11. Άντα μου άκυρο για αύριο.Θα τα πούμε άλλη μέρα.Φιλάκια.

  12. Your garden looks blooming. I love the okra flower