Sunday, March 2, 2014

Blue Dresden Plate cushion

In September 2012 Kristine Pappas organize a Quilt Seminar in Thessaloniki. I went and had a great time. You can read about this in older posts.
Now I want to show you what I did with the block I made at one of the workshops.
We made a lovely Dresden Plate block. Some of us in red, others in blue. 
I made a blue one, took it home, half-finished and looked at it every now and then, when I was going through my stack of fabrics, thinking that I should do something with it !!!!

I changed the colour from the inner circle from yellow to turquoise, put a border around it, made from a vintage apron/dress  that I found in the second hand store and made a cushion. 

Now, that I see the result, I wonder why I didn't do this earlier. It looks so cute! 

This picture was taken at the workshop. All very proud girls !!!


  1. Wat een mooi en leuk kussen. En ja de dresden plate is zo leuk om te maken.

  2. Πολύ όμορφο μαξιλάρι με χρώματα που θυμίζουν θάλασσα.

  3. Wat jammer dat ik je niet eerder had leren kennen..
    Dan was ik zeker ook gekomen ...
    Je kussen is heel mooie geworden ..
    veel liefs en een fijne week

  4. Καλώς σέ βρήκα Ada, από τήν ανάρτηση τής φίλης μου της Marie Anne!Πανέμορφο τό μαξιλαράκι σου!!Συνδύασες τόσο ωραία τά χρώματα!!Διάβασα ότι μένεις στήν όμορφη Σπάρτη!!Τήν είχα επισκεφτεί τόν Νοέμβριο,μένοντας στόν Μυστρά!Ελπίζω νά έρθω πάλι!Στήν Ολλανδία ζεί καί εργάζεται η μικρή μου κόρη!Θά χαρώ πολύ νά τά λέμε,εδώ,
    Καλό μήνα!!

  5. You did well to replace the yellow center...and with the matching border you created a lovely cushion! Well done, Ada!
    Καλή Σαρακοστή!!!!

  6. Wat mooi Ada en wat een gezellige groep met dames zo
    Fijne handwerk week groetjes uit Zweden

  7. What a lovely cushion. The colours are so bright.
    Also so friends at the workshop look so jolly.
    I hope you mange to go to more workshops