Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sewing up Christmas fabric scraps

Before putting my Christmas fabrics away - in a suitcase on top of a closet - I did sew up some of the scraps.

A few mug rugs

I made 4 snowmen placemats. I made pictures of all of them on another table, but as the light over there wasn't good enough, the pictures don't look very nice. This one I put on the wedding chest, just like the mug rugs. Maybe it is a good idea to find/create a spot to make photographs with proper lighting. Especially for the quilts, because I have an issue there too. Another New Year's resolution!!!!


Nifty Quilts said...

You are all ready for next Christmas. How smart!

Anonymous said...

Mooie placemats heb je gemaakt, Ada!
En het is inderdaad met donker weer moeilijk foto's maken.
Ik wens je nog een mooi weekend verder!

Lieve groet,

Janneke said...

Prachtig die onderzetters, binnen foto's maken valt hier ook niet mee.
Lieve groet,

Rena Christodoulou said...

Καλή χρονιά ,Αντα μου!!!
Υπέροχα τα καινούργια σου σχέδια!!!

χρυσάνθη said...

Πολύ όμορφα Ada μου!!!Φιλιά!!!!


I always keep Xmas fabric in hand. I am planning to start a new quilt (on a QAL) and which will be made in Xmas fabric too, so that I am ready next year in time

Anonymous said...

I like your Christmas mug rugs.
Now you are well ahead with your 'preparation for Christmas' list.
It is so thrilling when you open a packet and find somethings already made.
Mind you the last minute rush is exciting too.
Happy New Year

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