Sunday, November 24, 2013

Winter bag from recycled grey/yellow materials

For the first winter bag I made this year I used a different pattern. The patchwork is not regular, but consists of different shapes and materials.

The yellow flower material is from a woven tablecloth which I bought in the secondhand shop in Sparta.The yellow pieces are from samples of upholstery fabric as well as the big yellow flower.
The big white flower material was once a curtain and the pocket is cut out of a pair of trousers from a friend's daughter!

All pieces have their history!l

The small strip of yellow lace was sewn at the bottom of one of my dresses. I liked the dress, but not the lace, so I cut it off. Now it will get a second life!

The yellow lace is machine-made, but the white lace that you can see above is made by my late mother-in-law. It is not really lace, I think but English embroidery. Once it was a nice doily, but now it is in a bad state because of intensive use. The good pieces are ready for a new life!
Below a detail.


The second winter bag is a rust coloured one, which I showed you already in an earlier blog. I am ready to make some more!! Time to start working!


  1. Beautiful! I love your bits of lace and the meaning in each piece.

  2. Wat een mooie tas! En wat heerlijk dat je in Griekenland woont. Manlief en ik zijn er 12,5 jaar geleden getrouwd :)

  3. Wat een mooie ras hoe zul je veel plezier van hebben.

  4. i so enjoy looking at your lovely bags. We are starting to BYOBag for shopping here. I made a few but yours are so nice. Yours must have a better future than mere shopping bags but isn't it fun to make everyday items as pretty as possible! You always give me ideas.

  5. A lovely bag.
    Like the colour combination and, of course, the old white embroidery