Saturday, November 16, 2013


The girls I taught last year became very enthusiast about patchwork and quilting. We decided to meet again after summer to  show our finished projects. We had a great time, very inspiring and fun. I should have made pictures to show you. Well, next time!

That's what gave me the idea to start a Quilting Bee. And as the financial situation in Greece is not well, I thought it a good idea the Bee to be for charity purpose. Wouldn't it be great for someone who is going through a difficult time to receive a beautiful quilt made with love by a group of women.

12 Women made each, at home, two nine-patch blocks, which we laid out on the bed to match the colours and patterns. It turned out beautiful!
Because we are all rather inexperienced quilters, it took some time, and unpicking!! to sew all the patches together. 

Next Wednesday we come together, some in the morning, some in the afternoon, to continue to work on the quilt. 

In the meantime we started the preparation for the second one. Also a baby quilt, just as the one above. We decided on a pattern with triangles to do something different. It wasn't easy at all to get the points together, but it is good exercise. Instead of making a whole quilt by yourself, you learn by making every time 2 patches with a different pattern. 

We are very lucky that a shop donated old stock sheets, which are great for the back of the quilts and people brought us pieces of fabric, old sheets, shirts to cut up and use. 

We still have to think about a name for our Bee. Any suggestions?

And this is me, explaining at a birthday party what we are doing.


Marie said...

Very nice post!!!!!!!!!!!! Kisses my friend!

Aby Craft said...

Really nice work! Have a beautiful day :-)

Anonymous said...

Wat een mooie suggestie om babyquilts te maken voor mensen die niet veel geld hebben door de crisis.
Ze zijn mooi en de blauwe wordt ook een beauty!
Leuk om je bezig te zien!
Is "To Given Bee" of "To Give Away Bee" een mooie naam voor het project?
Veel succes!

Lieve groet,

Nifty Quilts said...

Your quilting bee is a lovely idea. Your first quilt is beautiful!

Rena Christodoulou said...


Γεωργία( said...

What a great idea!!!!

Anonymous said...

congratulations on getting together to make quilts to give away.
Also I like that you are going to experiment with different shapes
Keep up the good work

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