Monday, July 1, 2013

Winner of the Give Away and Quilt Mystery Book

Yesterday I wrote all the names of the participants of the Give Away and Circulation of the book "The Devil's Puzzle" on a piece of paper and put it in a cup.

And,  the name I pulled out was Laura B!    Congratulations Laura!   If you send me an e-mail with your address I can send packet to you.

I enjoyed reading the book. It is A Someday Quilts Mystery written by Clare O'Donohue.

I was making a patchwork bag yesterday and put the cup with the names on top of the fabric. Later on I finished the bag and just now made a picture of it, which I will show another time because it is still only on the camera.

But there are some finished cellphone covers to show. Made last week I put them on a small garden table for the picture.

And now, back to work! I am working on another summer bag.


Anonymous said...

Hallo Ada,
Wat een prachtige telefoonhoesjes. Echt dotjes!

Lieve groet,

Ace Maxs said...

Just stop by for saying that was amazing contest. Congratulation to the winner.


Laura B said...

Thanks, Ada. I really didn't expect to win, so that is just awesome! I have sent you an email with my full name and address, so let me know if you don't receive it.
I'm excited.
I will repeat the contest, so watch my blog for it in the future.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ada! This was a lovely surprise - to see that you live in Greece! Beautiful fabrics and the book must be exiting! Finnish wishes from Crete! Teje

Ada Kopitopoulou said...

I got your e-mail and will send you the package this week.
I am a follower of your blog, so we'll keep in touch!

Ada Kopitopoulou said...

Seems that there are more foreign quilters in Greece! Nice to know!

Lori said...

So happy to see a comment from you on my blog. Maybe you will help start a quilting trend in Greece and start a quilt show!!

Ada Kopitopoulou said...

Last September "the Quilters of Greece United" was founded and we had our first Quilt Show in Thessaloniki, Athens and Sparta. We are planning an international one in 2015! Want to come??