Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy sewing away!

The school summer holidays have started in Greece and life changed! All courses, get-to-gathers, are finished and will start again somewhere around the end of September/beginning of October. The good thing is that in Sparta we have a big open air  theater, like the one in Epidaurus. Only ours is a new and not an ancient one. But it is real enjoyable.
It is outside of Sparta on a hill and in the evening you see the lights of the villages located on the opposite mountain. During the summer months there are theater performances and concerts. Most of the times there is a nice breeze, so soothing after a hot day!
But how did I get to this?? I should write a post about the theater another day and find some pictures!

I was just thinking how life changes in the summer, which means, in Greece, that you stay inside during the day and go out early morning and/or evening.
So, time to sew during the day! That's what I wanted to say!

I started to make some bags again. This one I finished yesterday.

I like to make my pictures in the garden because I can walk around and try to find a spot where the light is ok

And hanging on the wall

The cats in the garden thought that it was too hot to anything. Must have thought I was crazy, going out in this heat. They just continued their siesta!


  1. Ja Griekenland kan in de zomer erg warm zijn, wij zoeken de zon op, jullie kruipen binnen, haha. De poezen zien er schattig uit, en liggen echt voor pampus.
    Groetjes, Janneke

  2. Ja, in de vakantie zullen er altijd wel veel vakantiegangers rondlopen.
    Wij smachten naar de zon en bij jullie is het zo warm dat je overdag binnen bent.
    Je tas is mooi, is helemaal in harmonie met de muur waar je haar hebt opgehangen.

    Lieve groet,

  3. Wat een mooie tas. En wat liggen dat katten daar heerlijk lui.

  4. I really love your bag!Cheers!!

  5. Thank you Ada for your lovely comments on my blog and your sweet offer to make some BeeBlessed blocks. Unfortunately I'm unable to reply to you directly as you are showing as a 'no reply comment' blogger. You may want to change the default settings on your blog so folks can reply to you more easily. Many thanks again, Jxo

  6. Love.. love your latest bag Ada. The colours and fabric are beautiful like the flowers in your garden and the cute pussy cats baking in the sun. Keep cool and enjoy sewing....:o)