Monday, May 6, 2013

Flowers in the garden

In about one week the weather changed from cold to hot, from winter to summer temperatures! Because Sparta lies in a valley, surrounded with mountains, the temperatures drop during the night, which is nice because we have a whole summer in front of us.
Nature is beautiful at this moment. Greece has over 2000 wild plants, which bloom abundantly. Also in the garden you can see spring! Fresh green, lovely flowers.

My pink Clematis is taking off. It took a few years because I planted it in the shade. I thought that it might be too hot for Clematis's in Greece, but as a matter of fact they are doing great.
This one is planted next to an old climbing rose from the neighbours. The red,red rose flowers abundantly at the moment, but doesn't bloom again until next spring. The idea is that the Clematis takes over. Let's see what happens!

This is the Clematis Alice Fisk, which has real big flowers. It is standing in the sun and you can see the difference in the amount of flowers!. It only blooms in spring. On the packet it said that it would reach a height of 1.60 m, but it is already over 2 meters high.

The neighbour's rose, which they call Boxana here in Greece, hanging over in my garden. I have the same one in the front of my house, planted about 60 years ago by my father-in-law. This one in the picture might be 10 years younger! Both still going strong!

On the other side of the house I have a Bougainville. I planted it, in bloom, about 18 years ago. For 15 years it didn't have any flowers and I had decided to take it out and put something else there. I just didn't have the time to execute my plan, and..... suddenly, like the plant could read my mind, it started blooming.!!! This picture is taken a week ago!

My Azalea is doing great. It blooms nearly the whole year around and is normally standing in the shade. I put it here as decoration for the quilts!

My fahter-in-law loved roses. He planted a lot of them in all different colours. These pink ones are cuttings from cuttings from cuttings from the ones he planted!!! A beautiful big rose.

This is the Philadelphus. I have two bushes of these.

I love my garden in spring! It is a blessing to sit outside, look around you and smell the lovely scent of the orange blossoms.


  1. Hoewel het hier nu ook heerlijk weer is, voel ik door je zonnige bloemen blog de warmte van de Griekse zon. Wat bloeit alles daar al mooi, die rozen van je schoonvader, clematissen en bougainvillea. En de geur van oranjebloesem is van een andere wereld. Ik heb uit Italie een echte citroen, die staat nu op de veranda, maar enkele weken geleden nog in de serre. Ook al zaten er maar 2 bloemetjes aan, het geurde heerlijk.
    Fijne week toegewenst, Janneke

  2. Wat een prachtige bloemen.


  4. Wat heb je een heerlijke tuin, Ada! En wat een prachtige bloei!
    Kan me voorstellen dat het nu in de lente heel mooi is en dat je er dan ook echt van kan genieten. De zomer is meer dor, denk ik?
    Een mooie week toegewenst!

    Lieve groet,

  5. Very beautiful flower. I think this is my favorite.

  6. Your garden is full of flowers,

  7. Χρόνια πολλά, dear Ada!
    Your garden looks marvellous! And you know what? Not only I have exactly the same flowers (except from the Azalea which does not grow well, even if I tried for years and years in different places and in adequate soil) but also the same 'problems'! I planted one of my two bougainvillias about 20 years ago and I was also planning to take it out and only this year is shows growing signs!!!! And I have 4 clematis of which one is huge, 2 are not growing well and the last one(which I produced from a cutting is now covering the branches of my dead lilac tree). I know that clematis likes its root in the shade and it 'head' in the sun.
    I don't know why the lilac died, but there are many new branches sprouting from the root, so I will clip it to be a bush instead of a tree. I also have a beautiful philadelphus and many roses as you have already seen in my blog.
    I love flowers so much and I can see you also do so!!
    Filakia !!!!!!