Saturday, April 6, 2013

Blue baby quilt and wall hanging

The big boss of my husband became a grandfather again two hours ago. He has already three granddaughters, but now it's a boy! So, double pleasure!
I made a light blue baby quilt some time ago; the perfect gift for this newborn baby.

I didn't post this quilt earlier because I wanted to make better pictures of it. Also at this point it not completely quilted yet. Now it's finished.

I also put the "instructions to care of your quilt" on it, as well as my label.  I love the bear fabric which I got from Jo-Ann. There are also some pieces of a shirt of my husband and a dress of one of my friends!

Last week I made  a wall hanging for a child's room. I bought the owl fabric to use as border on baby quilts, but as I was making mini quilt wall hangings with my group of students, I decided to use to owl fabric for decoration and here is the result.

Well, I finished my coffee and this blog post, ready to go back to garden digging! I started this morning, but my husband came home at lunch time with a friend and we had some ouzo's. After lunch a had a little cat nap (because of the ouzo!) but now I am ready to do some work again!!!


Anonymous said...

It indeed is lovely fabric, a fabulous gift for a liitle boy.
What a nice fabric with the owls.
Great colour nailpolish too........

Ada said...

Wow, uploaded this picture quickly, didn't see my foot!!! Must have taken it in the summer! I don't paint my nails in winter!!

Theodora quilts said...

Hello Ada it is a lovely quilt, what do your instructions say , I have been wondering what to do about that ,let me know and I don't ever paint my toe nail ,not even my hand nail LOL . theodora

Johanna Faber said...

Wat een enige quilts zijn dit geworden
Fijne zondag gr joke

Ada said...

I don't have any instructions. I just do what I like! Oh, I don't paint my hand nails. With all this work in the garden my nails look terrible.

Ada said...

Dank je. Ook een fijne zondag voor jou.

Janneke said...

Wat mooi om zo'n prachtige blauwe babyquilt cadeau te krijgen en ook te geven. Echt professioneel met je eigen label en instructies erbij. De tuin, ja daar moet hier ook nog zo veel aan gebeuren, maar het mooie weer komt er aan het wordt al iets warmer, maar nu wil ik ook nog wat regen of zou dat teveel gevraagd zijn. Goed dat je even gerust hebt na de Ouzo, stel dat je in je voet gespit had....., haha.
Groeten, Janneke

Ada said...

Sorry, my mind seems to be more in the garden than with this post. You asked the instructions to take of your quilt.

. never wrap them in plastic instead cover with a cotton sheet or pillowcase
. Antique or vintage quilts can be lightly vacuumed through a filter of muslin to remove any dust or dirt
For modern quilts check the manufacturers instructions

Cisca said...

Wat een mooie quilt, daar zal je man's baas wel heel blij mee geweest zijn. En je "uilenquiltje" is ook een schatje!

Groetjes, Cisca