Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Colourful beach bag

Summertime, and the living is easy! Well, if it's 40 degrees is not so easy, even on the beach it's kind of hot! That's why most Greeks go to the beach at 7 or 8 o'clock in the morning and leave at 10. They go back to their apartment or hotel, have some coffee, an early lunch and have their siesta. When you wake up you need some coffee again, and at 7 it's back to the beach.  At that time you can swim, play, and watch the sun set. At 10 or later, you have dinner, at home or in a lovely taverna. The best way to spend your holidays when it's hot! If you want to do things, like a lot of foreign tourists who come in the summer, you should come in spring or autumn. Then the weather is beautiful for excursions.

Now it's beach time!

Yesterday one of my friends went to Gytheion with her family. They go with the caravan. That's great when you have children. I used to do that and I loved it.
She took the bag I made for her with her. She was very pleased with it, also because I used a piece of material she had given me, that had emotional value for her.

I love to search for materials in old shops and I also use recycled fabrics. If I like the design, I cut up cotton shirts, skirts, tablecloths, sheets and whatever else I can find in cotton or linen. For the quilt I am making at the moment I cut up a brand new tablecloth. A friend who saw that couldn't believe it. She would have loved to have the tablecloth. I got it in the old shop in Kalamata. It is made by Πειραϊκη Πατραϊκη. This factory closed years ago, which is a pity, because they made beautiful stuff, in a very good quality.

                                           This bag I made for a friends birthday


  1. Het zijn prachtige tassen die je maakt, Ada. Wat jammer dat je dat mooie winkeltje kwijt bent. In mijn omgeving zijn de laatste 15 jaar heel veel stoffenwinkels verdwenen. Er is hier wel elke week een stoffenmarkt.
    Succes met het naaien!
    Fijne avond en sterkte met de warmte!

    Lieve groet,

  2. Wat een prachtige tassen! Je kunt er lekker wat in meenemen. Heel goed dat je stoffen hergebruikt.
    Nog steeds warm dus. Ik ben 1 keer op Kreta geweest op vakantie. Het was eind september en dat was voor mij warm genoeg...
    Hier regent het weer de hele dag. Echt waardeloos weer. De voor uitzichten zijn niet hoopgevend. We moeten het er maar mee doen.
    Tot een volgende keer en groeten van Willemien.