Friday, July 20, 2012

Collecting materials

I love the search for nice and special materials, especially vintage. In Greece there are still shops who have old stock, like the one in Kalamata, which I mentioned in a previous post. Now it is much more difficult to find new cotton fabrics here. Greek women don't sew so much. They are experts in embroidery, knitting and crocheting but the sewing they leave to professional dressmakers. Because it is not cheap to have a dress made, they order mostly outfits for weddings and other celebrations or special occasions. Not the everyday cotton summer dress. Curtains are also made by professionals, and heavy, rich materials are used.

In Holland now, there is an enormous choice in cotton.

We have shops everywhere and every market has stands with material. It's like paradise for me!
I used to go every year to Holland to visit family and friends. One of my daughters studied in Eindhoven and lived in Breda. I loved the market in Breda, where I bought quite some material.

This daughter now moved to America. That's why I go every year to the States (where I can easily find lovely materials) and  less to Holland.

My photographer friend, who was in Amsterdam, made this lovely pictures for me.

This makes me want to go to Holland again. Of course I can order on the internet, but it's so much nicer if you can see and feel the fabrics, talk with the sellers and enjoy the whole market. And of course, after all the shopping have a rest before going home again.


  1. Ja, soms heb je hier in Nederland nog stoffenmarkten. En het schijnt nu met de crisis dat ook meer vrouwen weer op naailes gaan of weer zelf gaan naaien.
    Ik hoop dat je mooie aankopen hebt gedaan en je weer nieuwe ideeen kunt opdoen en weer heerlijk kunt naaien!
    Fijne dag verder!

    Lieve groet,

  2. Gelukkig kun je hier nog lekker veel lapjes kopen... er is ook een groot aanbod in wolletjes en zo. Afgelopen woensdag was ik op de jaarlijkse Weversmarkt in Hoorn, waar veel meer te koop is dan weefmateriaal. Een Walhalla voor textiel liefhebbers. Jammer dat het regenachtig was.... Nu is de zomer eindelijk aangebroken. Het is heerlijk weer. Voor hoe lang????
    Ik ga nog even buiten zitten met een luchtig breiwerkje.... tot een volgende keer en groeten van Willemien.

  3. It's like paradise to me!!!! wow! Where in America is your daughter living???
    Hope all is well with you!!