Saturday, June 23, 2012

Turtle baby quilt

I finished the three baby quilts and made pictures of them. The first one I made with lovely cotton material with a turtle design. I bought this fabric in the States. The rest of the materials I got in Greece. I love making things for babies, they turn out so sweet!

                                         The back of the quilt has just one little turtle

To make pictures of the whole quilt is a bit of a fuss. I put it on a bed, get on a chair and try to hold the camera above it, exactly in the middle. I can tell you that that's not easy! Anyway, this is the result.

I had just a little bit turtle material left, so I made a little bag with it, to put the baby's sleep wear or some toys 

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  1. Hi Ada, Cute baby quilt and bag to match!

    Thanks for your visit and sweet comment to my post...I tried to thank you by email but could not find it. If you email me then I would have it in my contact list for future communication.

    :) Carolyn