Monday, June 18, 2012

baby quilt and table runner

As I said already, I'm making baby quilts at the moment. I finished two and am working on the third one. The pictures I made didn't turn out so well, so I have to do that again. A few months ago I made the quilt in this picture. I love the colour green and I use recycled and new materials. I cut up cotton shirts, skirts, sheets and whatever I can lay my hands on, if I like the pattern and colour.

This colourful tablerunner I made with Easter. In Greece they paint the Easter eggs red, so I decided to make something with red instead of the usual yellow/green decoration.

I still have to find a nice way to make pictures of the quilts. I hang them on the wash line, or put them on the bed, standing on a chair and try to hold the camera high in the middle of the quilt. This takes some practice! I get a piece of the quilt with my toes, or part of the bed! Have to find a better way.

In reality the colours are much brighter, but you'll get an idea.


  1. Hello Ada.
    Nice to have met you.
    I can see that your followers have vanished, as mine.
    You have a very cosy home here.

    1. Hello Stella.
      Nice to meet you too. I had someone who knows about computers look into the followers problem and he couldn't fix it too. Seems Google wants to stop Friend Connect and get everyone in the new Google g+ .